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9 Best Gaming Chairs in India


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GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair (GS-734)


Thermaltake X Comfort XC500 Ergonomic Gaming Chair


Nokaxus Gaming chair YK-608-WHITE


Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Gaming chair


Green Soul Conqueror Gaming chair (GS 500)


Green Soul Fabric and PU Leather Beast Gaming Ergonomic Chair


Green Soul Knight-Pro GS-2.1


Green Soul Alien Series Gaming Chair GS-720


Enrage Fabric gaming chair

One of the best essentials to increasing the gaming experience are Gaming Chairs. These chairs are not just for those who play video games for long hours. But it is also for those who sit in front of their laptops or desktops for 9-10 hours or even more than that. 

While choosing the best chair for the gaming, comes with a number of factors to think about before buying one for yourself. The main point to focus on is to make sure the height of the gaming chair should be according to your height, the best part of the gaming chair is that unlike office chairs it should be well stuffed with the foam, pad, and comes with the appropriate back seat height so as to give proper support to the shoulder, arm, and full spine. A different gaming chair comes with a different weight, size, and lump sum similar features overall. According to your shape and size do look for the width and depth of the seats. In today’s time having a chair with the Lumbar support is very essential. The ideal gaming chair comes with in-built support, which helps your body maintain an ideal posture for long hours. Also with the adjustable armrest, upholstery, with the add on pillows/cushion support for the Lumbar and Cervical spine. When sitting in a normal office chair, your spine has to hold up your arms, torso, and your head against gravity. As the hour passes, your back gets tired from the strain, it curves into a slouch. After a few more hours, these slouches now started becoming more prevalent until it became your default position. Gaming chairs correct these issues, gaming chairs do the work for you. A high padded backrest with neck and the lumbar cushion provides the main support, making you feel less tired and exhausted even after sitting for long hours.

Here is list of some PC gaming chairs which are selected among many top best gaming chairs to help you choose your next chair for gaming for sure:

1. GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair (GS-734)

Made with the fine quality fabric, and extra cushion to provide comfort while sitting. It has adjustable headrest attached to provide full support to the neck, adjustable memory foam pillow to give excellent support to your whole spine and body during the toughest task also, racing car bucket seat to make your seating experience better with a high density molded foam, 4D Carbon surface armrest which can be adjusted in all 4 direction as per the need, it is coated with the carbon texture which is soft to touch but is tough enough to support the arm well enough. It supports 

  • Neck and head support- with the neck pillow, you will receive the proper support. 
  • Back Support- with the Lumbar pillow you will get more comfort while sitting.
  • Thighs and Knees Support- this chair is specifically designed as per the Indian consumer body types, it won’t hurt your legs and knees even while sitting for long hours.
  • Shoulder and Arm Support: 4D arm support makes you feel good because a chair without good arm support/ rest will lead you to make your arm sit on the thick table which will lead to painful arm, shoulder.

You can tilt the chair from 90-degree angles to 180-degrees. Suspension of the chair is of good quality and can bear a lot of weight without any issue, making it tough and durable. Its levers are also of fine quality and you will feel it when they are locked. Both the neck and the lumbar support cushion is adjustable.

2. Thermaltake X Comfort XC500 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Thermaltake gaming chairs are ergonomically designed with good quality fabric and cushion is used to support the body. Its neck, lumbar support is adjustable. A knob is situated underneath the arm-rest for its adjustment. The lumbar and neck are supported with extra cushion. The primary component used in the chair is steel, aluminum. The base can bear up to 331 lb. It is made with the dense foam of around 165 lb/ M3 density foam padding for true ergonomic support and comfort. PVC leather material is used to make it, which is thick and feels durable. It does not have any side wings reinforcement, so you can sit cross-legged. Its adjustability of the neck, arms set, and lumbar support is great. The cushion is very soft as compared with the other gaming chairs in the market. It also has a thick cushion on the borders of the seat. It can be adjusted and tilted from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, so even if you feel tired you can easily lay down for some time and relax.

3. Nokaxus Gaming chair YK-608-WHITE

Made up with superior quality PU leather make it worth considering while thinking about buying this chair in term of best gaming chair. It has PU fabric in its neck cushion. Unlike other gaming chairs, this chair comes with a huge lumbar support cushion. Its leg support can be stretched out and can be used anytime, even when you feel to sleep or to lie down. Tilting of the chair is possible from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, making it a chair where you can sleep as well when you get exhausted. The neck pillowcase can be customized as per the needs, as you can fill extra foam into it. It comes with 2D lifting handrails to make it softer. 3 levels of lifting rods are certified for its reliability. It is based over the 5 bases come with the dual-wheel casters making it more moveable. As it is made up of the steel case, it does not just make it more sturdy and durable but also it can bear up to 360 pounds of weight. It is made up of the high density finalized sponge which is more durable. Providing safety and smooth seat lifting functions, thickened support provides the support and stability to the seat. PU wheels are large-sized to protect the floor and carpets. A high-density cushion provides long-term non-deformity of the cushions.

4. Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Gaming chair

It is a multi-purpose gaming chair that is built ergonomically for better spine support. It is covered with the premium quality PU leather which is breathable and does not stick when you sweat. It comes with the adjustable lumbar and neck headrest pillow for the superior level of comfort. While giving support to the cervical it also supports the arm and shoulder promptly. It comes with easy lock-tilting adjustment features with different reclining angles as per the requirement of the person, it can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. From task performing to relaxing back, everything can be done with the chair by just tilting it to different angles. It comes with a unique appearance and thickly cushioned chair with the aim to provide maximum comfort. It has 360 degrees swivel and alloy large casters for the smooth flow of the chair over the floor or carpets without any noise. It is certified for its heavy-duty metal base certified with BIFMA. It comes with a dimension of 20.86*21.26* 48.8-51.2. also, it comes with a weight-bearing capacity of 140 KG. caters wheels are made up with alloy. which  has an extra-long and extra-strong pneumatic rod for moving the chair back and forth. 

5. Green Soul Conqueror Gaming chair (GS 500)

The green soul makes the chair with better quality fabric material and foam. It provides a sturdy framework with high-quality foam, making it a super stable and comfortable product worth considering while buying a gaming chair. It provides a large, wider sitting area perfectly suitable to fit in your office or gaming room. It has an in-built headrest, quite soft and full of comfort. But unlike others, its headrest is not adjustable. But provides exceptional support for your shoulders, spine. As compared it comes with the stylish hand rest with the soft padding provided. Made up with the 5 star-shaped bases of nylon wheelbase makes it durable, depending on the 50mm dual-wheel casters gives a smooth finish to preserve the floor. 

6. Green Soul Fabric and PU Leather Beast Gaming Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair comes with great stability and comfort. It comes with a moveable and adjustable headrest, making it customizable as per requirement. Lumbar spine cushion is also adjustable, providing extra support to your spine while sitting for long hours. The back can be reclined as well. It has a racing car bucket seat, which provides an extra cushion with a large seat width. Its armrest is made with 3D technology and an ergonomic structure. It can be adjusted easily in 3 different ways: angle adjustment, height adjustment and can move back- forth as well. With the proper cushion/foam pillow for the neck, you can get required support which is necessary to support your arms, shoulders, and neck. Hence there will be no scope for the neck pain/ strain. These chairs are specially designed as per the Indian body type and physique, which makes you sit for long hours with no thigh or foot pain felt. The arm can rest on 3 dimension armrest, not like other chairs which have hard or no armrest which makes your hand feel numb after long sittings. The chair can bear weight up to 120 kgs. Tilting of chairs to different angles is possible and thus it counted as one of the best gaming chairs to buy online.

7. Green Soul Knight-Pro GS-2.1

This ergonomic game chair is something you can flaunt as it has a classy, beautiful look. To talk about its features, it has something which is not commonly seen in many gaming chairs. Its neck rest has 2 windows opened up, making it more breathable and airy. If you are thinking that it has no neck rest, this is not the case. Its neck rest is in-built with two open windows. The chair has high-quality foam used to make it comfortable for your neck. It has a high quality of upholstery and foam. The chair is made with good quality leather. This PU leather used is very durable, soft, and water-resistant. The foam is precisely cut, providing immaculate cushioning and supporting the heavy-duty sitting. It is a good fit for your home and office both. It has a spacious seat with a stylish appearance. Unlike many chairs, its armrest is 4D, you can choose from left, right, angled left, angled right, front, back, up, and down, any configurations that suit you. The armrest is coated with the P carbon texture which is soft to touch but not so soft to slip away your hand, it helps in making a good hand grip. The chair rests on the 5 star-shaped bases, made up of aluminum. The special aluminum mix makes the chair very strong and durable while increasing its life. The quality, stitching, foam are made up of the highest quality. It fits with every height and can bear a lot of weight without making its foam deform. The tilting and the inclination of the chair are possible from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, making it fit to sit, a good fit even to lay down and relax for a while. 

8. Green Soul Alien Series Gaming Chair GS-720

This ergonomic game chair is made with the primary material used is wood, the seat is covered with PU  and PVC leather of good quality in the form of mesh. This chair can bear a weight of up to 110 Kgs. its ergonomic design is a perfect mix of style and comfort in the same package. The adjustable lumbar pillow is included in the chair to provide comfort. It has an inbuilt neck rest/ pillow with two open windows for better airflow and making it more breathable. It also has an ergonomic style armrest with extra cushion designed for extra comfort. The chair rests upon the 5-star based frame with the 60mm dual-wheel casters. Its height can be adjusted and the tilting of the chair is also possible as per the requirement between various angles ranging from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

9. Enrage Fabric gaming chair

This ergonomic racing chair is designed in such a manner that suits all the body types while aiming to give comfort while sitting for long hours. It suits all the body types, shapes, lengths as well. Not only does it look good, but it also has a large cushion seat. The seat is adjustable from 90 degrees to 180 degrees recline. Removable headset/ neck rest pillow and a lumbar cushion are available for better postures. High-quality material is used which makes it durable, it is made up from the heavy-duty metal base. The high quality of the fabric is used in making the chair. Caster wheels are smooth-rolling over the floor or carpets. Height is adjustable according to the sitting postures of the individual. It is a good fit not just as a gaming chair but also as a home or office chair. It comes in large size for the better back support it comes with 35” backrest, 20” in width, with the adjustable armrest and height adjusting features. It comes with the 2D armrest. It also has a butterfly-shaped base of steel underneath the chair for supporting the chair with which the adjustable knob is attached. It has dual-wheel casters of 60mm, making the movement of the chair easy and smooth. 

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