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10 Best Massage Chairs in India

best massage chairs

After having a tiring and hectic day in the fast-paced world, everybody wants to relax and release pressure. Massage chairs will surely work well for you as they provide a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

To get the feel of these luxury chairs, you do not need to rush anywhere as with the help of ancient relaxation techniques and cutting-edge technology chairs are being created at reasonable rates. You can get the advantage of these fascinating massage chairs in the comfort of your home.

Robotic massage machines are not something new as we all have seen a lot of massage booths in malls, spas, and salons but after a tiring day nobody wants to go outside, and with this mindset, massage chairs are designed with convenient features.

Massage chairs offer valuable benefits such as improving cardiovascular health, reducing stress and anxiety, making you active, reducing back pain, maintaining the proper body structure, and aligning with bad postures. Along with these benefits, it maintains blood circulation and boosts immunity. While choosing the best massage chair, keep its myriad benefits and other considerations in mind. So, without wasting any time, let’s immerse ourselves in the world of massage chairs with this unique guide. Here, we will discuss the specifications of the massage chairs that will help you to choose the perfect one based on your needs.

How to Select the Best Massage Chair?

While selecting the best massage chair, you need to consider various factors that make it comfortable and luxurious. Conversely, the selection depends upon individual needs and preferences. As it is an instinctive process, you need to analyze your demands and the level of satisfaction that you want from the chair. The steps that can help you in comparing the massage chairs are as follows.

1. Massage Areas

Select the chair that can cover all the massage areas including the leg and foot massage, arms and hands massage, and much more. The luxury chairs target the areas beside your back during the massage. The full-body massage chairs provide relaxation and comfort to the body with the airbags, massage head, or roller spread.

2. Massage Functions

A chair that covers all the massage functions is considered best. The high-end massage chair offers a variety of features and the low-end massage chair offers limited features including simple vibration and rolling massage. The major functions that should be in the massage chair include heat therapy, rolling, vibration, kneading, tapping, 2D, 3D, and 4D roller intensity, space-saving design, reflexology, etc.

3. Size of the Massage Chair

A chair that is according to your height and weight is suitable and provides you relaxation while massaging hours. Don’t forget to check the physical space of the chair as most massage chairs are designed according to the height between 5′ and 7′. Some chairs offer height adjustability through which the user can customize the chair according to their fit.

4. Heated Massage Seat

The heated seat or back in the massage chair is relevant because it is significantly important for the relaxation of the muscles, blood circulation, and the release of toxins. Some chairs only offer the heating system at the lower back or seat and some chairs offer the full body heating system. So, choose wisely as per your need.

5. Intensity of a Massage Chair

Intensity refers to the strength of the massage chair which is one of the most important aspects. The strength of a chair depends upon the motors. You can check the strength with the help of the roller system as it comes in various forms including 2D, 3D, and 4D massage.

6. Upholstery of Massage Chair

The upholstery material of massage chairs is of various types including leather and synthetic. Leather material could be long-lasting, low maintenance, and resilient, which is perfect for daily use. On the other hand, synthetic material holds the chair from wear and tear things as the moving massage components affect it badly. So, analyze with care.

Hence, these are some factors that you should care about while investing in the massage chair. Nobody can invest daily in these goods as they are capital expenses. Therefore, the analysis and comparison are a must and this guide will support you in making an informed decision.

Top Best Massage Chairs in India

To help you find the perfect massage chair, here we attached some listings that provide you the value for your money with their unique features. You can compare the chairs based on their features and then make an informed decision. Invest in a budget-friendly chair that can ensure comfort and durability. So, let’s look for the massage chairs that are the supreme need to live in this fast-paced world.

1. Indobest Black Panther 4D Massage Chair

Indobest Black Panther 4D Massage Chair

The Indobest Black Panther Massage Chair gives full body coverage including the shoulder, back, neck, hips, and legs with its luxurious features. The 4D massage chair stretches the complete body and gives the massage to relieve the tired muscles. The automatic function of the roller can speed up and slow down the intensity of the massage which helps in the concentration of tense muscles. The Bluetooth connectivity function allows you to play music while taking massages. The chair provides the ancient Chinese massage technique with its features named Shiatsu which is performed by stimulating and massaging certain points in the body. This chair enhances the overall experience of your massaging by restoring joint flexibility, reduces emotional and mental stress, and releases fatigue, headaches, and muscle spasms. People who are suffering from long-term pain can benefit from this chair as it manages the motion and sore muscles. Good for high levels of stress and tension.

Features (Indobest Black Panther Massage Chair)

  • 4D massage chair: This gives more flexibility with the adjusting functions and offers an automatic feel.
  • Automatic adjustability: Users do not have to manually adjust the rollers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Provides relief from stress and improves concentration power.
  • Shiatsu massage: Helps reduce tension and pain and improves overall health.
  • SL track: Provide coverage to the back and maintain the structure of the spine.

2. Robotouch Echo Pro Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Echo Pro Full Body Massage Chair
Robotouch Echo Pro massage chair provides a holistic and customizable massage experience with the help of its intelligent design and advanced functionality. The 10 automatic modes of this chair make it more flexible and comfortable including dream mode, health recharging, vertical care, swing mode, full body stretch, neck and shoulder, waist, care, worker mode, lady mode, and cybrarian mode. The airbag mechanism gives relief to the full body and reduces stress. 4 airbags in the upper arm, 12 airbags in the lower body, and E airbags in the hand and lower arm along with the strength options give ultra-level therapy and soothe the common body aches like headache, shoulder pain, back pain, and chronic neck pain. The muted massage hands offer knead and flap functions with its up-and-down moving facility. The wireless Bluetooth music system works as a cherry on the cake that helps users release stress by listening to music while enjoying massage.

Features (Robotouch ECPRBR Massage Chair)

  • Far-infrared waist heating: It accelerates blood circulation and promotes ultimate relaxation.
  • Wireless Bluetooth music: 3D digital audio relieves your stress during the massage.
  • Space-saving reclining: It provides an extensive range of backrest recline positions.
  • SL curved rail technology: It gives an enveloping massage from head to thigh.
  • Airbag massage system: It enhances the overall massage experience with muscle relaxation, and improves blood circulation.
  • 10 automatic modes: It ensures the customized feel and comfort.

3. Health & Fitness_Hub Sobo HF21

Health & Fitness_Hub Sobo HF21 4D Full Body Recliner
Experience the bliss of kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, rubbing, and vibration with this health and fitness hub massage chair. These techniques give a more exquisite and comfortable massage that exceeds the traditional hand massage experience. The heating back massage roller forms a unique warm moxibustion system, which relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation, and enhances the overall massage effect. The air pressure massage to the calves and additional kneading and tossing on the inner side by its original design give automatic massage therapies. The leg rest is designed with an independent control capability to suit individual intensity needs. The chair is designed to have low energy consumption as it uses 24 V safety voltage. The zero gravity massage chair with space space-sharing luxury capsule even without separating the armrest is perfect for every place.

Features (Health and Fitness Hub Z100 Massage Chair)

  • Two-way stretch mechanism: Allows effective massage at different points.
  • Imported fire-resistant leather: Easy to clean and odorless surface that suits every human body.]
  • Imported motors: Has reliable quality with low noise and long life. So, the user can conveniently enjoy the massage while talking or watching TV.
  • Multiple settings for leg massage: Provides a customized massage to suit different massage requirements.
  • Heating massage roller: Provides overall heating while the roller massages the shoulder, back, waist, and buttocks.
  • Airbag technology: Multilayered airbags perform strong deep massage on the muscles and acupoints which meet the requirements of the traditional massage.

4. KosmoCare Metal Shiatsu Massage Chair

kosmocare metal shiatsu massage chair
Elevate your massaging experience with this Kosmocare massage chair which offers a wide range of specialized and enduring home healthcare products from the last 50 years. This is the chair that offers a full body massage to relax, renew, and revive. The chair covers five massage techniques with its ergonomic features including rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping, and massaging on the head, neck, back, waist, and hips. The rollers of the massage chair give the perfect massage and comfortable feeling. The 6-seat airbags and 24-leg rest airbags enhance the massaging experience of the users. The adjustable backrest and footrest maintain the body structure. The control panel with a wide-angle VFD display helps the user to perfectly differentiate the color and graphics of all the functions and features of the massage chair. Overall the chair encourages wellness through massages by providing a healthier skeleton system, and improved circulation of blood which brings nutrients to the blood, reduces muscular tension, alleviates stress, and gives a healthy nervous system.

Features (KosmoCare HM2106 Massage Chair)

  • S-shaped back rail: Meets the human body’s curve and reduces the body’s fatigue.
  • 4 roller system: Provides a perfect massaging experience and comfortable feeling.
  • Airbags facility: Gives relaxation by pressing the acupoints and the button facility gives you a customized feel.
  • Leg rest and footrest: Gives shanks and feet pulse compression massage that improves blood circulation.
  • Electric actuator: Provides ideal massage, recovers tiredness, and relieves pain.

5. HCI Zero Gravity Massage Chair

hci zero gravity massage chair
HCI is the relaxing therapeutic massage chair that comes with the longest track, hot stone silica gel rollers, track with zero gravity, and full body stretch. The rollers are made up of silica gel with a mix of acrylic material which provides perfect support and relaxation to the back. The chair is built with innovative 4D technology, rolling, finger pressure, air compression, and vibration to provide Omni comfortable head massage and work as a remedy for issues like exhaustion, sudden changes in mood, hormonal changes, and irregular sleeping patterns. The chair has eight massage methods that elevate the massage experience of the user including combination, tapping, knocking, rolling, kneading, scrubbing, stretching, and shiatsu. So the investment in this massage chair is worth it as it provides effective solutions to your everyday stresses and helps you bring your best self every day.

Features (HCI HC1012-red Massage Chair)

  • Smart back mechanism: The multi-sensor mechanism offers a more gentle and accurate back massage.
  • Rotating rollers: 360-degree rotation in both horizontal and vertical directions gives proper flexibility and smoothness.
  • Adjustability: Offers a customizable feel with speed and width adjustability according to the need and reference.
  • Ergonomic design: The curve of the chair with roller mechanism moves from head to buttocks and supports the spine neck and waist with the powerful massage.
  • Ultimate head temple massage: The head cushion towards your temple gives an ultimate stress-relieving massage.

6. Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax JP 2000

Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax JP 2000 Japanese massage chair
To get muscle therapy and body relaxation at home, invest in a Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax massage chair. The 5-D AI mechanism of the chair performs a scan of the body. You only need to sit down on the chair and it will read all your physical requirements such as muscle stiffness and tension. For providing effective vibration and massage, the chair uses several gears and wheels that rotate rapidly across its surface and provide relaxation. The 86 kinds of kneading techniques are tailored to match your neck, shoulder, back, hip, and buttocks. The specific techniques of leading include deep kneading like a baker kneading dough, wringing, skin rolling, palm kneading, finger kneading, etc. With the help of the touch remote control, the chair will give you a magical effect and comfort. The airbag facility around the arms and legs becomes inflated and the backrest of the chair moves down to the lying position and lowers the footrest at the same time and gives relaxation to the bottom of the feet. Double heaters for massage therapy improve blood circulation in the major muscle groups, provide relaxation to the tight muscles, and improve overall wellness. So, this chair provides relaxation to the whole body.

Features (Fujiiryoki Cyber Relax Massage Chair)

  • 5D AI mechanism: Performs scanning on the body and reads all the physical requirements.
  • Kneading techniques: Provides part-specific massage and offers maximum relaxation.
  • Touch remote control: Provides flexibility and a customized feel.
  • Airbag facility: Encourages the spine to return to its optimal position and maintains posture.
  • Double heater: Enhance the overall wellness and improve the massaging experience.

7. BLAKOLE Luxury Comet Zero Gravity Massgae Chair

BLAKOLE Luxury Comet massage chair
Blakole Comet massage chair is an investment in your well-being as it gives unbeatable relaxation to the body with its premium features. The smart body scan technology of this chair studies the human body shape to deliver a massage specific to your body type. It provides massages based on the weight and height of the user with acupressure points. The rollers of the chair can adjust automatically up to 21 cm to cover the wider area of the back. The ruler provides massage in 3 widths i.e., wide, medium, and narrow. The feature of zero gravity evenly distributes the weight of the body, elevates muscle tension, and promotes better posture. It increases flexibility in the body by reducing pressure on the intervertebral discs. The chair provides all the traditional massage forms with its ergonomic features including rolling, tapping, flapping, and shiatsu. The leather upholstery of the chair provides a smooth touch, pleasant smell, and level of comfort which is also stain-resistant and easier to clean. The leg extension facility improves the performance of the athletes and the sportsperson by strengthening the patellar ligament and quadriceps attachment for the knee. In addition, this chair helps release tension and menstrual pain, easing muscle cramps, and quieting the mind.

Features (Blakole Comet Massage Chair)

  • SL-shaped track: 135 cm long track provides outstanding deep tissue massage from neck to buttock area.
  • Smart body scan technology: It maps the key areas of the neck and spine to ensure the optimization of the intensity of massage.
  • Wide massage width: The roller can adjust its width automatically and manually to cover the whole area.
  • Floating zero gravity: Helps in reclining back to the neutral body position.
  • Premium faux leather: It provides a soft and comfortable feel and responds well to cool-hot, and ventilated areas.
  • Large touch display: The touch display will be effortless to operate while enjoying the massage.
  • Speaker facility: The Bluetooth speakers near the ears help improve mood and relaxation by slowing down the pulse and deep breaths. Work as a natural antidote to stress.
  • Calf muscle adjustment: By the leg extension of up to 15 cm, you can improve your spine flexibility and give tone to the thigh muscles.

8. JSB MZ08 Massage Chair

jsb mz08 massage chair
JSB has been a Pioneer in the health and fitness industry for more than 35 years. Experience the ultimate relaxation with the massage chair of JSB and get relief from the pain and muscle stiffness. It comes with smart urban design and multiple features. This chair helps you maintain the smooth blood flow throughout the body. The zero gravity massage system is designed to take the pressure off your whole body by raising your feet above your heart level, it gives full body relaxation. The 3D roller system starts from your neck and reaches to your buttocks to provide relaxation from the spine pain. The heating function of the machine provides comfort to the lower back and gives pain relief and a kneading massage with soothing heat. The chair is created with a spacious design which is good for every home and with the help of the detailed remote control you can customize your massage chair according to your preference. The functions of the chair are very convenient and can be easily used by any age group.

Features (JSB MZ08 Massage Chair)

  • Full body airbags: Induce better flexibility to your lower back and relieve your pain like a professional therapist.
  • Roller mechanism: Sturdy L-shaped rail provides relaxation on those hard-to-reach spots of the shoulder, back, and neck.
  • Zero gravity massage: Users can experience and feel the stress-relieving benefits of zero gravity massage.
  • Automatic sensors: Gives a customized massage experience.
  • Lower back heat: The heating function warms your lower back and provides comfort.
  • Reclining: Remove all weight and pressure and offer full body relaxation.

9. APOLLON Royal Bonita A550-2 Massage Chair

APOLLON Royal Bonita A550-2 Massage Chair
Apollon launched India’s 1st generation 4th iOpen flexible technology in the massage chair industry that provides ultra relaxation to the spine and releases your spine pressure. The lying-down massage facility provides support to the spine and covers the entire area from the neck and shoulder to the thighs, enhancing the comfort of the massage. The traditional rail system cannot provide relaxation and stretching facilities due to the angle fixing factor. The Bluetooth speaker facility helps in repairing brain waves as the music directly works on the hypothalamus and dominant nerve to repair alpha brain waves and improve brain efficiency. The legs of the chair are equipped with high precaution sensors which automatically adjust the massage position, provide relaxation from the pain, and push the spine in an accurate position. Graphene heating shawl technology consumes low energy, fast heating, deep penetration, stable performance, and quickly warms the shoulder, back, waist, and abdomen which improves blood circulation in the body. The traction stretch and 166-degree lay flat angle promote muscle circulation, provide relief of lumbar disc herniation, reduce the pressure of the body’s gravity on the heart, prevent snoring, release the intestinal squeeze, and enhance the blood supply to the heart. This chair offers relaxation to the whole body as it is designed according to the user’s health conditions.

Features (Apollon A550-2 Massage Chair)

  • i-Open technology: It compresses the spine traction tensile and provides a maximum lying angle of 166 degrees. Maintains the curve of the human spine.
  • Bluetooth speaker: 3D stereo Bluetooth speaker repairs brain waves, and reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • Full-body wrapping airbags: Provide wave circulation massage and improve blood circulation from head to toe.
  • Electric BI-Directional Telescopic Calf: High-precision sensors detect the position of legs and feet, stretch the calf greatly, and push the spine more accurately.
  • Heating Shawl: Graphene black heating technology improves blood circulation, effectively relieves soreness, and provides cold dispersion and warmth.
  • 4D Pro Robotic Hand: Multi-dimensional synergistic movement of the massage hands helps in achieving the effect of unblocking the meridians.
  • 166-degree lay-flat angle: Provide nutrition to the intervertebral disc and ensure relaxation of the whole body.

10. Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Massage Chair

Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Massage Chair
The regular use of the Osada India Massage Chair helps combat issues associated with trigger points. The wide sitting of 21-inch and 12-inch leg extensions soothe common body aches and provide relaxation from chronic pain. The SL track provides support to the spine from neck to lower back and down to the buttock and thigh area which improves blood circulation from head to toe. It is helpful in the removal of harmful toxins from your body. The zero gravity position which is used by NASA for astronauts gives you the full-flat stressless feel, reduces your stress, and can cope with the strain effectively. After a long, tiring day at the office, this chair gives you a fresh start to the day by its pain relief mechanism. After getting a massage session from this chair, you will feel rejuvenated and re-energized. With the help of the stretching functions, you will feel energetic during waking hours.

Features (Osada India Automatic Massage Chair)

  • First-class seating: Provides relaxation to the body and improves blood circulation.
  • SL-track: Extra long track gives relaxation to the spine and maintains the posture.
  • Zero gravity position: Gives you the luxurious feel and the full-flat stressless position.
  • 6-wheel rollers: Rollers on the track give you a therapeutic massage like the traditional hand massage.
  • Foot rollers: Gives you a stronger and deeper massage to the bottom of your feet and relieves the tension.



After a long, tiring day at the office, it’s amazing and relaxing to spend some time with the massage chair. A massage chair works with the muscles, stretching and rolling them, giving relaxation to the stiff portions and enhancing the overall massaging experience with its airbag, reclining, and zero gravity features. You will get a customized feel with the help of massage chairs as they improve your sleep cycle, recover you from everyday ordeals, and make you feel energetic. You can get massage sessions in the comfort of your home and the investment in a massage chair is worth it because it helps all the age groups including youth, adults, and elders.

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