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JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair


BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair


JSB MZ30 Massage Chair


Roboscura Cozier full body massager


Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Automatic Massage Chair


CaptoLife Large Brown Massage Chair

After having a tiring, hectic week full of work, pressure, and load, what if you get an after massage every day or every week. This is something all of us wish to get every day, every week, to get a good massage while relaxing or watching TV or listening to music.

 What if to get a body massage you don’t need to wait for a whole week or to step out of your house and get one. 

Robotic or machine massage is not something new these we all have seen a lot of massage booths in malls, spa, saloons, and where not, we wish that if we can also have a massage chair at our home.

What if you can any time, according to your will or like can get a massage. I know this will make you feel like heaven and something you will rush from work and come home soon, to get this massage. Not just these, massage chairs have several benefits also which makes it worth considering. A good massage chair can improve your cardiovascular health, it reduces stress, anxiety and makes you more active, a better performer, manages your back, aligns it after having a bad posture day or sitting for long hours in the office, not just this it also improves and boost your immunity.

There are a lot of options in massage chairs to choose from but to ease out your pain, we have some most amazing and best massage chairs online which are good, popular, and liked a lot by its users.

Without wasting time lets get started with the list of massage chairs you can choose from and rejuvenate yourself.

1. JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair

It is a full-body luxury massage chair, made up with the 3D space-saving design, so it can be adjusted anywhere in your home. This JSB MZ16 luxury 3D is designed to enhance wellness and natural healing with its massage power. The individual body is scanned in the beginning and as the requirement, massage pressure is given to the different body parts. This helps in healing through expert-guided stimulation of the pressure points. The process provides relief and healing with the pain-free experience. It comes with multiple features to give you the best results. No matter what your age is, it is a perfect blend for every age. Some of the issues which we all feel these days can be easily uplifted with the help of these chairs. Few problems we all face from time to time, it is the solution for those issues such as it promotes blood flow/circulation, provides proper foot care/massage, pain relief, full-body massage with healing. It is one of the best options to choose from in India. It is designed with the supreme quality of leather which gives an elegant finish. It is a professional massager that works on the specific part of the back which is aching.

Its 3D body sensing measures the length of the spine, it has 3D angles which lets you elevate your legs for releasing of the pressure from head to toe. Airbags are present all over the chair, provides massage from head to foot. Two memory options are also available in the chair which has auto mode options if you wanted to repeat the same message on a daily basis. It has 5 auto modes for the ache relief, comfort, demo relax, upper, and lower body massage. The best of which targets the specific area or zone on the back. Back rollers are present which moves 360 degrees to generate the massage on the back points. Foot rollers are there for the foot massage. The intensity of the rollers can be changed as per the preference, required, and need. It also has a zero gravity massage option, which is suitable when you wanted a full body massage or to de-stress yourself. To cope up with the morning stiffness or sore muscles, you can also opt expert stretching massage. Allowing functions like tapping, shiatsu, knock, air squeeze, thumping, wide roller, and many more. The massager requires 6-10 cms extra space in the backside where it is placed as it is moveable and can be tilted according to the needs. The height of the massager can be adjusted as per need. It also has heating options in a specific mode for the relieving process. The footstep can be extended up to 10 inches.

2. BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair

This massager is based on 4D technology that comes with a luxury and sleek look. It also has some add on features as compared to the 3D massagers. It consists of the Bluetooth and is a zero-gravity massager. The massager chair is designed with a set of vertically moving, four-wheel with the muted intelligence, massage hands-  designed with the emulation massage methods of the shiatsu kneading, flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading. The chair comes with the manual massage for the upper body with three options, fixed, overall and partial massage, also the speed can be altered as per the need, it usually provides five levels of speed adjustments in state of flapping, shiatsu, knocking, the width between the two consecutive, kneading balls are adjustable with three levels. It comes with the fast ache-improving comfort with the fast, improving experience massage. To talk about the fit, its height is adjustable according to the person’s height, so it won’t be an issue if you are small or good heightened, It scans the body, and accordingly the rollers provide massage to every required area of your body. Airbags are everywhere in the chair, back massage, head massage, and foot massage. The chair is provided with a long SL track of 1450mm, which makes the chair heavy duty and durable. If you are looking for a chair with multimedia support such as Bluetooth, this massage chair is worth it to consider. It can easily bear a weight of 120 kgs or more. It consumes almost 160W of electricity in an hour and almost 1 unit in 6 hours of usage. This chair can move the rollers along the track in all the directions as per the need as well as in and out of the massage chair making this chair 3 dimension moveable hence making it a chair providing deeper massager as compared with other chairs. 

3. JSB MZ30 Massage Chair

If you are looking for a compact yet comfortable massage chair, which can fit even in your smallest room this chair is the perfect fit. its dimension is 120*140*80 cm. You can also stretch the chair and relax. This massage chair is well-equipped with a full-body massage, kneading, and rolling. The chair has 8 rollers for the back, neck massage. And in total it has 14 rollers combined. Airbag massage for shoulders, arms, thighs, calves, and feet. It has 3 auto modes to choose from, for different body parts as per the requirement. Foot extendable is present as per the user’s height. This chair is easy to use and comes with the user manual which illustrates every mode, method. It has back rollers, ankle, and doot roller massage, also one can have soothing heat on the lower back for relaxing and healing. If your muscles are stiffed and tired, you can choose stretch massage for relief. If I tell you about the benefits of using the chair, it helps in the better blood circulation of the whole body, if any elderly in your home is facing swelling, edema or numbness in any particular area or region it can heal it after a tiring day just using it for few minutes can give you relief from all the stiffness and pain. It also has the option for the zero-gravity massage, your whole body massage can be done with the right amount of pressure as per individual body. It can be used by any age group, with the required pressure being used.

4. Roboscura Cozier full body massager

It is a mini massage chair with the “L“ massage track line. It covers the body from head to buttocks. Some of its feature which makes it worth buying are zero gravity, the person can just lie down and stretch the massage chair, as this mode helps in distributing the whole bodyweight equally leading to more stress relief with the deeper and intense massage. It also has a heat therapy feature, which allows improved blood circulation across the body parts and proper realignment of the spine, it allows the brain with more oxygen and better functioning of the lungs as well. Its other main feature which makes it worth buying is that its power consumption is very low as compared to the other massage chairs, it only utilizes 100 W. It has a phone charging point along with the Bluetooth speaker connectivity available. It has a hidden reversible leg massager as well. It provides three modes: Kneading, tapping, and Rolling.

5. Osada India Plus 3D Full Body Automatic Massage

Osada 3D is a fully automatic massage chair is made with a High-quality fabric with great durability. It is made with the soft foam for making it more cushiony and soft. Its end is made with the hard resin material so as to prevent it from any damage, hence increases its longevity. Some of its unique features are: it is washable, can be used in every weather or season. Due to its toughness, good quality material makes it durable, it is easy to carry and as compared to other massage chairs it is quite light-weighted, it is highly comfortable which makes it more likely for every age group to use it. 6 FIR rollers are implanted in this massage chair. The 3D roller system is to increase the pressure for better control. It also has a full custom control in manual mode. An automatic program setting is possible if you wish to continue and repeat it more often. The extra-long SL  track enables this chair to cover back, buttocks, thigh as compared to other massage chairs which only has S track making it to cover more area with better results. It comes with remote control with lots of options and modes to choose from. Wheels placed beneath the massage chair makes it more convenient to transport or to shift it from one place to another. There are many options to choose from like, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, vibration, yoga stretching, variable intensity and width of rollers and many more to choose from. Its ergonomic design and features are worth considering when you decide to buy one such chair.

6. CaptoLife Large Brown Massage Chair

CaptoLife is a compact, zero gravity massage chair. It’s small and compact size makes it adjustable even in smaller locations, can fit in the smallest room also. It is a good choice for both home, offices. The individual body is scanned in the beginning and as per the body requirement, massage pressure is given. This helps in healing through expert-guided stimulation of the pressure points. The process provides relief and healing with the pain-free experience. It has casters underneath the chair making it easy to relocate it from one point to another. It covers every region of the body from head to toe, having a separate area for the arms(or armrest). 4 different to choose from relaxation, light, mild, and strong therapy. After having a long hectic day you can choose from light or mild option which works on stiffed muscles. Strong therapy can be done when there is body aches and muscle soreness or in the case of stiffed muscles. It has recliners that give a zero-gravity experience, allowing better blood circulation to the brain, heart, and better lungs functioning.

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