Little toddlers are proactive and feeding them is totally an arduous task. The most convenient way to feed them is with the help of a baby chair. High baby chairs make it completely easy for both the mother and the child. The child will sit happily in one place and eat. Once your baby crosses 6 months, this is the time when the high baby chair is required the most. This chair keeps the baby engaged and also keeps them stagnant in one place to feed them easily. Choosing the best chair depends on various factors such as age, height, weight, and security for the baby.

The few most important factors that you should keep in mind while buying one are:

  1. The chair should be according to the age, and the weight of the baby.
  2. The chair should have a locking system.
  3. The chairs table should be wide to keep the food plate and a toy or so, to keep the baby engaged.
  4. Does the chair have wheels? The wheels make the chair moveable and a lot easier for you to rotate it or move it.
  5. The chair should occupy less space and provide more functioning.
  6. The chair should be convertible and the chair can be used for a year or two. As the baby grows, if the chair can be stretched, it will be the best thing.
  7. The chair should be comfortable, durable, and should be made up of good quality material.
  8. The chair should have a safety belt.


Best High Chairs for Babies in India – Top Baby Chair to Buy

Here are some recommendations for the safe and trusted best high chairs for your babies and toddlers which you can buy online:

1. SYGA High Chair for Baby Kids

syga high chair for babies

This chair is made with the PP Plastic Table, a metal frame. This chair has a cushioned seat, dual-wheel casters, footrest, a seat belt for the safety of the child. The tray is a removable tray with 3 adjustable positions that suit the different stages of the baby’s growth. This chair can be converted into a high chair, normal chair, and tie up a chair, which can be chosen as per the need and requirement which makes it one of the best high chair for babies. This convertible stage helps with the baby growth stages and it can bear up to the weight of 44 lbs. This seat is stain resistant, which makes it an easy to clean chair, it also can be wiped and cleaned with the damp cloth, including its dishwasher- safe tray with sockets. The double feeding tray can be folded easily to let your kid in and out of the chair easily. It takes less than a minute to convert it from a high to toddler chair. The food tray can be adjusted to 4 different positions as per the different growth stages of the child. The chair weighs almost 4.6 kgs and its dimensions are 46.6*41*26.9 cm.

2. R For Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Level High Chair

R for Rabbit Marshmallow High Chair

These high chairs for toddlers are certified for their safety with EN14988 safety certification which is one of the most stringent certifications defined by the European standards for the baby chairs.  They are tested for their colors and the strength of the parts used in the chair. These chairs are high-quality foldable chairs suitable for making the most of limited space. It can be folded and stowed away easily. It comes with a removable double meal tray, as if one gets messy it can be changed with the other one. The height of the chair can be adjustable up to 7 levels, as your children grow you can change the height accordingly or also match the height of the dining table with your baby seat.

The chair comes with three 3 recliner modes with an adjustable footrest for the comfort of your baby. The material used in the chair is non-toxic. The seat and the backrest of the seat have cushions or foam for comfort.  The seat has a belt lock for the safety of your little ones. The chair is supported with 4 legs made with strong and sturdy material having 4 dual-wheel casters for easy movement of the chair. The wheel can be locked as per the need.

3. LuvLap 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair

LuvLap 4 in 1 Convertible Baby High Chair

This LuvLap 3 in 1 chair is a convertible chair, which can be used during different years of growth of the kid. It has met with the European standards EN 14988, ensuring the safety of the toddlers. It is a 3 in 1 design high chair which can be converted into the low chair with the tray, baby table, and chair as per the growth and the requirement of the baby. It comes along with the 5 point safety harness which keeps the baby safe and protected. Its cushions are soft, supportive and the baby can sit even for longer hours without being tired or getting uncomfortable. The chair is non-slippery and is anti-tipping leg base and designed to provide extra grip and support. The dining tray of the chair can easily be detached and washed, not only this even the seat cushions and seat covers can be washed.  The chair is easy to use and comes with a compact folding process. The chair can bear up to 25 kg. The chair weighs almost 6 kg and its dimension are 50*48.9*24.8 cm.

4. Safe-O-Kid Eterna Feeding High Chair

safe of kid eterna feeding high chair for babies

This amazing high chair for kids from Safe-O-Kid can be used for babies aged 6 to 36 months. This Baby high chair can bear weight up to 15 kg easily. The soft cushion on this chair provides the baby with the utmost comfort which helps maintain the comfort while sitting on this chair.  This chair exceeds all safety regulations to ensure child safety while sitting in this chair thus providing peace of mind to the parents. Being a Versatile chair with a booster option makes it easy to convert into multiple stages a child’s development.

5. LuvLap Royal High Chair

LuvLap Royal High Chair for Baby

When it comes to buying baby care products online in India, LuvLap is known to be one of the most popular brands out there. This baby chair from Luvlap comes with 7 levels of height adjustment and can bear weight up to 20kg. The 5-point safety harness in this chair ensures the baby’s safety and keeps the baby secure and comfortably seated. With its removable & washable dining tray & seat cushion it helps to maintain hygiene to make sure of baby’s health from unwanted bacteria and infection. It also has an Adjustable 3-position Seat Recline which keeps baby relaxed in different positions.

6. Joie Mimzy Snacker High Chair

Joie Mimzy Snacker 123 Artwork High Chair

This chair comes with a streamlined design with a full-sized feature and safety for your young ones. The chair comes with the 5 point harness for the protection and safety of your child. It has a storage tray beneath the footrest for putting kids’ stuff and toys. The chair comes with a convenient tray for putting the bottle/ glass along with their meal plate or cups, these trays are easy to clean when it gets messy. The chair comes with the seat belt lock for better safety while sitting, it has a soft and cushiony seat all over, the chair has 4 legs made which support the chair overall, the chair has 4 dual-wheel casters for the easy movement of the chair, it also has a locking system and height adjustment as per the need. The chair can be folded and occupy minimum space, these chairs are easy to carry when going outdoor or to picnics. It comes with the 5 point harness system along with the height adjustment up to 3 levels. The chair does not contain any type of toxic chemicals or substance which can harm the child.

7. StarAndDaisy Folding Baby High Chair

StarAndDaisy Folding Baby High Chair Recline Highchair

This convertible high chair for babies makes it a perfect fit for babies aged 6 Months to 48 Months as it provides all the necessary features to feed a baby as they grow with its 3 in 1 feature that which Convert high chair into a booster into a toddler seat, it can bear maximum up to 25kg of weight. Its wipeable and washable design with a removable tray makes it easy to maintain and clean for the hygiene of your baby.

8. BAYBEE Convertible Baby High Feeding Chair

Baybee 4 in 1 Nora Baby High Chair for Kids

This BAYBEE high chair is a convertible chair, 4 in 1 high chair that can be converted into a booster seat, the high chair which gives you two seats in one and a table and chair. This high chair is a convertible and durable chair worth the value. Featuring four unique seating positions, it grows with the baby and is helpful in feeding the baby independently while sitting on this chair. It comes with a 5-point harness, making it an ideal chair for infants. The food tray in the chair is easy to use even with a single hand. The transition to the booster seat mode is easier than ever, with a leg storage unit. It is certified with the en71, one of the most stringent certifications defined by European standards for baby safety. It comes with the 3 reclining positions. The frame and the height of the chair are adjustable as per the requirement. The chair’s weight is almost 3 kg and comes in the dimensions of ‎53.1 x 59.6 x 88.8 cm. The chair has a seat belt lock for maintaining the stable position and posture of the baby. The chair can be cleaned with a damp cloth easily.

9. Fisher-Price High Chair

Fisher Price 4-in-1 High Chair

This high chair for babies is made with the revolutionary idea with the less space-consuming dimension and adjust as the baby grows. Its compact size makes it a fit to adjust anywhere in your home. The chair is washable or can be cleaned with a soft cloth. As the baby grows you can easily convert the high chair by using it or without the tray attached to it. It can also be used as a two-piece feeding chair and toolset. By removing the feeding tray, you can also fold the chair legs and the 4-in-1 high chair can be converted into the toddler booster seat. When your toddler grows you can convert this chair into a normal chair and a study table where your kid can sit, play, learn. The chair seat is washable and easy to maintain. The food trays are easily cleaned. The cushion/ foam of the seat is soft, comfortable so the baby won’t feel uncomfortable even sitting for long hours. The chair legs are strong and support the chair. The seat lock/ belt is present for the child’s safety. No toxic product or material is used in the making of the chair or its material which can harm the kid. The dimension of the chair is 77.4*129.8*132.3 cm and it weighs almost 7.69 kg.

10. Chicco Polly Easy HIGHCHAIR Crocodile

chicco polly easy high chair for babies

The Chicco Polly easy chairs are high chairs which are compact chairs for your toddler. The height of the chair is adjustable to different heights to choose from as per the requirement. The back seat of the chair is stuffed with soft cushions and foam to provide support and comfort to the baby. The chair has a dual-wheel caster making the movement of the chair easy. The chair has a height adjustment knob. The chair seat is supported with the strong 4 legs made with good quality material. It comes with a large seat and comfortable seating. The material used in making the chair is non-toxic. The chair has a footrest, and tray storage, and is foldable when not needed. It can easily be carried in an outing with its compact size and lightweight. The backrest of the chair can be reclined to 4 different positions for relaxing the kid after a meal. It can bear up to 15 kg of weight.


In the end, to select the best high chair for babies, you need to consider various factors that make the chair ergonomic and comfortable for the babies including the functionality such as adjustability features, mobility, padded seats, footrest, etc. These chairs are essential and provide a lot of support and help to the parents in the upbringing of their infants and toddlers. Babies can comfortably sit on these chairs due to their unique and comfortable models. These chairs are best and offer a lot of convenience during meal times. While investing in these chairs, you should check the safety measures like the wide base for stability, harnesses to secure the baby, and the sturdy construction. Most of the chairs are adjustable, which can provide you with an accommodation facility through which you can adjust the size of the chair according to the baby’s growth. Along with this, you can adjust the chair based on your requirement such as in different feeding situations. So, the investment in the high chairs will provide comfort to both the babies and the parents.

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