Plastic chairs are one of the most used furniture in every household. There are plenty of options to choose from but choosing the right one as per the need is necessary. Plastic chairs come in different designs, styles, and patterns with numerous color options to choose from. A decorative chair with a sleek framework can be chosen for offices, spas, saloons, etc. For home or dining areas, people generally prefer a subtle design and color with the chair durability.

These chairs are also easy to carry from one area to another. These days various synthetic compounds are used to make such a chair such as polypropylene, acrylic, and PVS which fall under the category of thermoplastic category used in making monobloc plastic chairs. Thermostat resins are mostly used in making rigid plastic chairs which cannot be deformed easily.

Why is a plastic chair so important?

Plastic chairs are the most commonly used chairs used in every household and office these days.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Chairs?

Plastic chairs are multipurpose chairs that are used at various places as their features are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The selection of the best plastic chairs depends upon the various factors that you need to consider at the time of purchase including the comforts, durability, style, etc. The details about elements are as follows.

1. Material

Select a chair that has a durable material with properties like resistance and waterproofing. Polypropylene is the most popular kind of plastic that is used for plastic chairs which are lightweight, easy to clean, and withstand severe temperatures. So, a chair with a sturdy plastic material that can bear any weight without any breakage is considered good.

2. Style

Plastic chairs are available in various styles that are suitable for different rooms and to select the correct style consider your purpose and need. For example, the panton chairs, ghost chairs, baby chairs, geometric design chairs, perforated chairs, etc.

3. Comfortness

Choose the chair that is designed with ergonomic features because the ergonomic design provides you with adequate support including areas like back support, next support, head support, arm support, etc. Some chairs also provide cushioning facilities for the back and arms.

4. Portability

Ensure the portability of the plastic chair because plastic chairs are used for indoor and outdoor purposes. So, select a chair that can easily move from one place to another that has a lightweight and stackable design. If you are looking for chairs that can consume less space then choose the one that has folding facilities.

5. Design

Consider a design of the plastic chair that complements your home and room decor or aesthetics. Plastic chairs are available in various designs including armchairs, dining chairs, folding chairs, stackable chairs, and many more.

Therefore, while selecting the best plastic chair consider the features like style, design, comfort, durability, cost, portability, warranty, etc. These features help you make informed decisions under your budget and preferences.

Here are some of the recommendations for the best plastic chairs online which you can consider when you plan to buy a good one for yourself.

Best Plastic Chairs in India

1. Nilkamal MYSTIQUE Plastic Chair

nilkamal mystique plastic chair

These chairs are made with superior quality plastic which is lightweight but durable. The chair weighs almost 322 grams only. These are made with simple designs that make it a good fit to place it anywhere in your home or office. It can bear weight up to 150 kg. It comes in a dimension of 81*9*9 cm. It has a matte finish look. The chair has a small mesh at its back seat which makes the chair more airy and breathable and is a good fit for the summers. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made aesthetically for better comfort while sitting. Its armrest is lightweight and supports your neck, shoulder, and cervical spine.

2. Nilkamal Novella 09 Plastic Arm Chair

nilkamal novella ns09 plastic chair

If you are looking for a stylish plastic chair for your living room or for your garden then this chair is worth considering. This chair comes with a smooth matte finish which gives it a pleasant look. Apart from its matte finish and stylish look, this chair is very durable and strong and can bear up to 125 kg of weight. This chair is dustproof, waterproof, and termite-proof. The legs of this chair are very strong as they are made with steel which provides more confidence while sitting in this chair for providing support. This is a perfect chair for indoor as well as outdoor use.

3. Nilkamal CHR2180 Plastic Mid Back Chair

Nilkamal CHR2180 plastic mid back chair

This chair is made of high-quality plastic. It is made ergonomically for better support and comfort. These chairs are ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They are stackable, simply designed chairs, and can be cleaned easily. The back seat of the chair is airy, making it a good option during summer. It can be placed in your living area, garden, balcony, or rooftop. It is super easy to clean these chairs with dry or wet cloth. They are waterproof, dust-proof chairs. They give comfort while sitting but also are tough and strong and bear a lot of weight. It has an armrest for providing extra support to your neck, shoulder, and arms. The dimension of the chair is 42*42*42 cm. While it has a capacity of around 720*590*895 cms.

4. Supreme Futura Plastic Chairs

supreme furtura plastic chair

Supreme chairs are a fusion of strong and modern chairs in one package. They are the molded plastic chairs that you can buy online. The quality of the chairs is supreme as the material used to make them is high-quality plastic. It reflects style, quality, and functionality all together with durability and rigidity. These chairs are a good fit for our offices, home, and study room or library. The dimensions of the chair are 56*56*81.5 cm. The 4 feet of the chairs are very tough and strong and can bear a lot of weight. It is easy to clean the chairs. It has an attached armrest with the main body of the chair. It is a chair where you can relax as well. The backside of the chair gives a large area that provides support not just to your spine but also to your whole body. It is easy to clean this chair with a dry or wet cloth. This chair is dust, termite, and corrosion-proof making it a strong and durable chair and so considered to be one of the best plastic chairs online in India.

5. Nilkamal Mistique Premium Chair

Nilkamal MYSTIQUE Plastic Mid Back chair

These Nilkamal chairs are made with high-quality plastic. These chairs are waterproof, sun, and dustproof, they are a good fit for both indoors and outdoors. Its 4 legs are strong enough to bear weight up to 110 kg. The armrest is smoothly finished to provide support to the spine, neck, and shoulders. These chairs are ergonomically designed for maintaining better postures while giving comfort. These chairs can be a good fit for your living room, bedroom, or even dining areas. These chairs are corrosion-proof. The cleaning of such chairs is very easy, with a dry or wet cloth it can be cleaned once in a while. The dimension of the chair is 90*24*36 cm. The chair weighs almost 2.5 kg. The chair backrest is meshed which makes the chair airy and more breathable during summers.

6. Cello Comfort Relax Plastic Chair

Cello Comfort Plastic Relaxed Armchair

This cello chair is luxurious and vibrant. It comes in a distinct style that can be flaunted in your office area, home as well as outdoors. It comes with an upright backrest which helps in supporting the spine. It comes with a sturdy seat offering a comfortable seating experience even for long durations. This chair is ergonomically designed to provide better body postures. This chair is a high-back chair that covers the whole back and supports it thoroughly. You can place it in your TV room, living room, or even in your study room and can sit back and relax, and unwind. It offers luxuriant seating space making the seating experience easy. It has an armrest that is smoothly finished providing support to your arms, neck, and shoulders while sitting for long hours. The backrest of the chair has small spaces for air, which will allow easy airflow. It is easy to clean these chairs, you can use soft cotton cloth for dusting the chair. Even though they can withstand high temperatures it is advisable to keep your chairs away from too much direct sunlight and high humidity levels. Do not use or put any chemicals near the chair as it can damage and harm the chair or its finishing. Keep sharp objects away from the chair as it can lead to permanent scratches to the chair. The chairs are made with good quality plastic but keeping a few care tips can lead to a better life and durability of the chair. The dimension of the chair is 55.88 cm in length, 55.88 cm in width, and 88.9 cm in height. This chair can bear up to 130 kgs of weight.

7. Nilkamal CRYSTALPP Plastic Mid Back Chair

Nilkamal CRYSTALPP Plastic Mid Back Chair

This chair is a bit different in its own way. It is a type of chair that can be placed on your lawn, balcony, living room, or cafeteria. These chairs are stylish, and flaunting combined with sturdy and durable. These chairs have tree-shaped webbing all over them. The backrest and the seating area are tree-webbed but there is a space that can be used as its handle. The chair comes with a dimension of 23.97 inches in length, 23.58 inches in width, and 31.44 inches in height. It is compatible with a single sitting. It is made with plastic of high quality and standards. Its 4 legs are quite sturdy and hard which can bear weight up to 100 kgs. The body of the chair is strong, durable, and translucent. These chairs are lightweight and easily stackable. A perfect fit for your indoor and outdoor areas.

8. Nilkamal Passion Arm Chair

Nilkamal Chr2135 passion arm chair

This Nilkamal chair is made with good-quality polyester. It is an ergonomically designed chair, providing better posture while is a high-back chair that covers the whole spine and supports it. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These chairs are easy to clean with dry or wet cloth even can wash it with water. This chair is corrosion-proof, and rust-free. These are lightweight chairs and can be stackable. The dimension of this chair is 23.19 inches in length, 23.97 inches in width, and almost 33.21 inches in height. It can bear weight up to 120 kg. The backrest of the chair ensures airflow while sitting, so it is a perfect fit for the summer. It has a smooth finished armrest for supporting the arms, shoulders, and neck.

9. Nilkamal EEEZYCHR Plastic chair

Nilkamal EEEZYCHR Plastic chair

This plastic chair is made with virgin polypropylene material making it a strong and durable chair for everyday use. It has 4 strong legs for providing better support while sitting. It is a good chair that can be placed in your lawn, balcony, living areas even in the cafeterias or restaurants. With its unique style and design, it will match every area. It has a robust look and is made with a European design named Eeezy. The chair armrest is attached to the body of the seat. Altogether it is fussed and provides better support. It is a mid-back length chair that covers half of the spine but its armrest provides full support while sitting. It has a matte finish all over. It can be stackable. These plastic chairs are rust-free, corrosion-proof, and easy to maintain and handle. It can be washed or even wiped with a dry or wet cloth piece. It is made with the single mold injection manufacturing process. It can bear up to 120 kg of weight. The dimension of the chair is 52*62*75 cm. The weight of each is almost around 2.34 kgs.  These chairs can be stacked up to 16 pieces.

10. Cello Jordan Chair

Cello Jordan Plastic chair

This cello chair is made with sturdy and strong plastic for better support. It is a multi-purpose chair best suited for both indoors and outdoors. This chair is weatherproof, rustproof, and dustproof. These are easily washable or even can be cleaned with a dry or wet cotton cloth piece. They are lightweight chairs that can bear weight up to 120 kg. It has an attached armrest for supporting your neck, arms, and shoulders. These chairs can be stacked. It can be placed in your living room, lawns, or even in dining areas. The chair provides adequate airflow while sitting for long hours, which makes it a perfect fit for the summer season. The dimension of the chair is 19 cm in length, 11 cm in width, and 19 cm in height.


Plastic chairs are the most used chairs due to their affordability and comfortable features like low maintenance, durability, and both indoor and outdoor use. A wide range of designs and styles are available in plastic chairs that are designed according to the diverse preferences and purposes of the users. You can select the chair that can provide you with ergonomic comfort and align with your needs and budget after comparing the available chairs in the market. The most important factors that you must consider at the time of investing in plastic chairs are durability, comfort, style, portability, cleaning, storage, and many more.

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