Choosing the right study chair for your kids is very important. As children grow, the study pressure on them increases tremendously. And hence, choosing the right chair comes into the role. In the market, there are a lot of brands which are selling chairs with different styles, designs, and colors. But choosing the right one as per your needs children is important and crucial. Most of the children sit on the bed while studying which is wrong as after some time they can easily fall asleep. The main reason behind that is sitting on the bed can’t provide the desired posture for studying. The right posture with the back, neck, and arm support is very necessary while sitting for long durations. The chances of sitting and studying on a study chair without any unwanted distractions are more than as compared with sitting elsewhere. Also, if we talk about the growing children, they are developing each year, providing them with the right posture will make their spine develop in the correct curve without any deformations due to incorrect posture. Right posture while sitting and studying for long hours is necessary as it won’t make you tired with long hours sitting.

How to Select the Best Study Chairs?

The quality and comfort of the study chair play an important role as it reduces discomfort during work which can increase your efficiency and productivity. While selecting the best study chair you need to consider various factors because these factors affect your purchase. The below-mentioned factors make your chair purchase ergonomic which reduces your back pain, sore neck, and eye strain.

1. Proper armrest and headrest

Select the chair that has a proper armrest and headrest that supports your arms with appropriate height while using the desk during writing or learning. A comfortable headrest gives proper support to the neck and shoulders.

2. Height adjustability

A chair that doesn’t suit your body according to height and does not have adjustability features can create havoc on your back. A study chair that compliments your physique and ensures no pressure on your upper leg and toes is considered best. So, consider the parameter of height while purchasing the study chair.

3. Material

The study chair with the leatherette material and the mesh material is good from a durability, stability, and comfort point of view. Both fabrics have their pros and cons so you can decide according to the requirements that suit you the best.

4. Waterfall design

The waterfall design helps maintain good posture as it offers good support to the back, thighs, and knees. A chair that is designed with a round front edge relieves pressure from areas like thighs and knees and distributes the weight across the seat.

5. Ergonomic design

The design that supports your body through its features at multiple points including the back is ergonomic. Select the chair that has a reclining option, backrest, armrest, and height-adjusting options. These features create a comfortable workspace irrespective of the height in size of the user.

Accordingly, to make a difference in your health and comfort,  invest in the right study chair that has all the ergonomic features. It will support you with your extended sittings and provide support for back problems and serious discomfort.

Top Best Study Chairs in India

To create the right atmosphere for your workspace at your home and office, choose a study chair from the wide variety of chairs that ensure your comfort and ergonomics. You can pick the right chair based on quality, durability, comfort, aesthetics, and material after making a comparison with the below-mentioned listings:

1. MBTC Mavic Folding Study Chair

MBTC Mavic Folding Study Chair

This chair is the ultimate solution of comfortness for your child which can increase their study hours with its unique features. The adjustable and removal writing pad can be adjustable to any position according to the need and it is made up of Termite free medium density fiber which makes it durable and long-lasting. The writing pad can bear a weight of up to 6 kg. Other features like foaming upholstery, mild steel pipes, backrest, armstyle, and rectangular shape make it ergonomic and suitable for all age groups as it can bear a weight of up to 150 kg.


2. ROSE® Mono Mesh Mid-Back Chair

ROSE® Mono Mesh Mid-Back Chair

Upgrade your sitting experience with the perfect blend of functionality and style. The ergonomic design gives proper lumbar support and the tilting mechanism gives relief to the lower back and spine. The cushioned fabric, 360-degree swivel, nylon caster wheels, and height adjustability make it elegant and sophisticated. The weight-bearing capacity of the chair is up to 90 kg and the assembly manual comes with the chair that helps you in smooth assembly.


3. Featherlite Student Revolving Chair

Featherlite Student Revolving Chair

Featherlite chair for kids is one of the most durable and sturdy chairs. It has a huge weight-bearing capacity ( around 100- 150 kgs). It is best for developing kids. Its height is adjustable. The primary material used in the chair is mesh, and the upholstery material used is fabric. It comes with dimensions of, 62 cm in length, 24 cm in width, and 59 cm in height. The back seat is made with mesh so as to make it more airy and breathable without excess heat generation from long sittings. The back seat is made up of 12 mm molded hot-pressed plywood ergonomically so as to make it a good fit for the correct posture. Imported “T” nuts are riveted into the wood. Its height adjustment is done manually.

4. Da Urban Leatherette Study Chair

Da urban leatherette study chair

This chair is a very compact, durable, and sturdy chair with armrests. It is ideal while studying, or using a desktop. Made up with the durable metal base overall makes the chair durable and reliable. It has brown leatherette upholstery for back support. It also has an armrest available for the perfect sitting posture. The chair meets with the ergonomic standards. The back support is made with sufficient foam thickness giving, making your comfortable experience. The chair is supported by the heavy-duty sled base- consisting of two sled legs which are wide and thick. Besides this, the sled base evenly distributes weight from the chair on the floor. This chair is BIFMA and ISO certified. The back seat is smooth textured which can be wiped with the dry or wet cloth to clean the chair.

5. HOF Computer Student Chair

HOF Computer Student Chair

This Computer study chair is a long-back chair with foam seats making it a comfortable chair to go for. It also has a feature of the side back lock, whose knob is situated underneath the seat. It also consists of the armrest, which is “T” shaped providing better support to the arm and neck while doing work for long hours. Tilting on the chair is possible. Made with such fabric it is easy to clean even with a dry cloth. This is the best option to choose from if you are looking for an indoor chair. Supported by the 5-star-based structure having dual-wheel casters for the easy flow of the chair over the floor without any noise and scratches left behind.

6. Finch Fox Faux-Leather Chair

Finch Fox Faux-Leather Chair

These chairs are good to flaunt at your home, offices, salon, etc. it can be a good fit for any place. Made with the long back support provided with the molded in-built cushion. The height of the chair can be adjusted as per the need. It is made of faux leather. The primary material used in this chair is the polished chrome steel material which gives support to the chair. Its base has a 5-star-based structure with which the dual-wheel casters are attached which provides smooth mobility of the chair. The chair comes with a dimension- diameter of around 20.0 inches, a height around 34.0 inches, and a width of 18.0 inches. This chair can bear up to a weight of 120 kg. The chair can swivel in 360 degrees. This back seat is made with a stylish and supportive backrest and is padded with trending grid stitching.

7. RATISON Study Chair

ratison study chair

If you are looking for a multipurpose chair that can be perfect for a home, loan, terrace, bedroom, office, and all adults and kids then this chair is perfect for you as it is modern and contemporary in style which gives you a comfortable sitting experience. The chair without wheels is simpler and easier to assemble. The foot bushes prevent the floor from scratching. The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 120 kg and the black color makes it suitable for every interior.



To create a perfect and productive working or study environment you need a chair that is a blend of comfort and style. To purchase the perfect study chair, you need to consider features like cushioned upholstery, breathable mesh, adjustable armrest and headrest, economic design waterfall back, adjustable lumbar support, footrest, swivel system, castor wheels, and many more like color and look. A proper study chair improves posture, prevents physical strain, and gives support to prolonged sittings. Apart from all these benefits, it increases the confidence of the child which directly impacts their performance. Invest in the chair after making a valuable comparison between the variety of chairs based on their features.

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