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AmazonBasics Low Back Computer Chair


AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair


SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta MB Umbrella Base Office


Seat chacha Brio Home Office Chair


DeckUp Auch High Back Executive Office Chair


CELLBELL C99 Mid Back Office Chair


Innowin High Back Office Chair


Hetal Enterprises Star Office Chair

Do you spend a minimum of 6 hours at your work desk in front of a computer? Have you felt pain and numbness in your arm, shoulders, and spine?

If yes,

Then you should consider changing the chair you are using right away. A computer chair is an ergonomically designed chair that provides comfort and convenience you need in your office or in your study/computer room. It provides support, comfort to your whole spine while maintaining the correct posture

Few points to consider before a computer chair for yourself:

  • It should support your spine for maintaining the correct posture.
  • Comfort first, the computer chairs are designed specifically to provide comfort while sitting at computers for long hours with more comfort as they are highly user-friendly. These chairs provide more comfort, flexibility, and movability to the user, which helps in retaining attention and concentration to the work being done.
  • The cushion/ fabric used in its making should be of good quality for better comfort.
  • Some traditional chairs are rough and put extra pressure on your buttocks while sitting. These chairs have a considerable seat depth which solves this problem. The seat of these chairs extends through the back to your knees to provide support and structure to your buttocks and lower body areas.
  • The chair height, tilting can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Here are some recommendations worth considering, so you don’t have to wonder around for buying the best computer chair for yourself.

1. AmazonBasics Low Back Computer Chair

You can work with style and comfort with this Amazon Basic low back chair. This chair is ideal for your home, office, the chair modern profile offers you a professional look to flaunt and place it in your office space, library, study room. This chair is a meshed seat chair making it more airy and breathable during summers. The chair has a pneumatic seat adjustment knob so that you can change as per your need and requirement. The cushion on the seat is 2-inch in thickness for better comfort, support. The chair can bear up to 113.3 kgs of weight. The dimension of the chair is almost 22.5 inches deep, 21.5 inches wide, and 30.5 inches minimum height to 34.5 inches maximum height. The chair provides a 360-degree swivel movement with the help of dual-wheel casters.

2. AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair

This AmazonBasic chair adds style to your home office or at your work station with its stylish, comfortable style. This chair is a mid- mesh chair with the modern profile, sophisticated appearance offers a professional look for any location, while its smooth contours, the adjustable setting allows you with them all day long comfort without getting exhausted. The chair is a fully adjustable chair, the height of the chair can be adjusted with the pneumatic knob situated underneath the seat as per your need. The chair is ergonomically designed for maintaining better postures while sitting for hours in front of your desktops. You can also pull out the control button allowing the chair to tilt back, it also has a tilt tension knob for controlling the tilting of your chair. The armrest is made up of nylon which provides better support to your arms, neck, and shoulder. The chair can bear up to 102 kgs of weight. The dimension of the chair is 64*61*102.5 cm. The chair weighs almost 10.5 kg.

3. SAVYA HOME Apex chairs Delta MB Umbrella Base Chairs

savya home office chair

The chair is made with the effort to make it durable and strong with keeping in mind to make it simple which can never go out of style.  While aligning the chair it provides heavy-duty swirl which maintains and tension of weight. As compared to other chairs it also provides a heavy gas lift for longer life of the chair. The castors are dual wheel made up with nylon for the easy, effortless movement of the chair. It won’t impart any scratches or makes any kind of noise while rolling. To talk about the style of the chair, it is covered with mesh which makes this chair airier and the seat is covered with an ample amount of padding, providing the ultimate comfort experience for longer sittings. Tilting and the height of the chair can be adjusted with just one touch over the knob placed underneath the seat. The armrest of the chair is not padded but is “T-shaped” for better comfort. 

4. Seat chacha Brio Home Office Chair

If you are looking out for something different and cool chair to flaunt yourself with a different color than of normal chairs and with different style. This chair is worth considering while you are buying or thinking to buy a new chair for yourself. It has long mesh back which provides superior support, comfort to the spine. To feature this chair, it has long back mesh along with it, it provides a wider space of sitting with the ample padding for your comfort. It has 5 point base over which the chair rests, caster wheels provide 360-degree rotation. Which makes you all free to work with a focused mind. The arm set is wide and comfortable. The ergonomic design makes it a perfect fit while working or for doing work while sitting for a longer number of hours. It can bear up to 110 kgs of weight. Rotation, tilting of the chair is easily attained without any noise or scratches on the floor.

5. DeckUp Aries Mid-Black Mesh Office Chair

This chair is an ergonomic structured chair which is again a meshed chair. Its backside is meshed making it airier and more flexible. Designed to support the lumbar, while making it very comfortable at the same time. The chair is simple yet very durable for a long time. It has a weight-bearing capacity of around 100 kgs maximum. It is one of the swivel chairs for office which have pneumatic seat, height adjustment control with tilting butterfly mechanism which is adaptive recline and 360-degree swivel. The chair is based upon a 5 base made up of nylon. To make the seat more comfortable it was made with extra cushion with full arm set. The seats are wider to make the sitting more comfortable and long-lasting without any fatique. 

6. Hetal Enterprises Star Office Chair

If you are looking out for a computer chair that is cool, simple yet worth flaunting then this chair is worth considering. This ergonomic chair is appropriate while giving spin support. Also, it has a separate cushion attached to its backside of the seat. Upper and lower spine support has separate cushions attached which is padded and supports the lumbar and the upper spine, resting on different levels while maintaining the right posture. It comes with the 5 base structure. Its over-all weight is 12 kgs which are quite lightweight with more durability, while it can bear up to 100 kgs of weight. The seat height and tilting can be adjusted as per the requirement. The primary material used in the chair is wood. And the fabric is used all over the chair with the correct amount of cushion, pad added to it. It has dual caster wheels allowing the ease movements without any noise or scratches on the floor or carpet. The seats are wider for the easy sitting, arms set is attached with the seat underneath and appropriate all to relax their arms on.  

7. CellBell C99 Mid Black Chair

This ergonomic chair is build to make full support for the spine, arms, shoulders promptly. It is built on a strong wooden frame. It is foam based chair. The chair has a soft cushion over the seat and padded arm set to give the maximum amount of comfort which makes you comfortable to sit for long hours without being exhausted. It is made up of durable leatherette upholstery which makes its look worthy to its comfort. Not only just comfortable it is easy to fit in any area either office or home or at the study room. This chair has mid-back pad packing with the foam. One of its unique features is that you can’t just tilt, rotate the chair, it comes with the pressure adjuster, you can choose to change the back seat flexibility by changing it from 90 degrees to 110-degree shift. While working you can easily just open the knob and can relax for a while. It will straighten up your back. And you are good to do work again with the same enthusiasm and energy.

8. Innowin High Back Office Chair

This chair is an elegant blend of aluminum with PU which makes the chair more premium. This chair is an ergonomic chair made up to support the whole spine with the neck separately. It is made according to the spine shape to maintain a good posture, support. Its height can be adjusted easily and not just this it has a rocking angle in which you can move the backside to different angles and can rest for a while. It also has any position tilt lock. So tilting is easy as compared. The wheels are dual- caster which is made up of nylon with almost no sound or any scratch when moved. Its base is strong, sturdily made up of the metal. The arm set is comfortable and is “C-Shaped” with the attached pad to it. It is a good fit in the offices as well as for home. Even working for a long time you won’t feel fatigued while sitting. The material used is of good quality for everyday usage. It is one of the best computer chairs which focuses on the neck rest also with the proper shape and curves like our spine, maintaining the proper postures. This chair is worth a try and can be gifted also with its flaunting looks.

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