Do you spend a minimum of 6 hours at your work desk in front of a computer? Have you felt pain and numbness in your arms, shoulders, and spine?

If yes,

Then you should consider changing the chair you are using right away. A computer chair is an ergonomically designed chair that provides the comfort and convenience you need in your office or in your study/computer room. It provides support, and comfort to your whole spine while maintaining the correct posture.

Few points to consider before a computer chair for yourself:

What Features Do You Need to Consider for the Best Computer Chairs?

Nowadays, people spend a large portion of their lives in front of the computers while sitting on the office chair or computer chair. For a productive performance while working, the users require a comfortable chair with ergonomic features that maintain a positive work environment and do not compromise their health. So, to get. the best computer chair you need to consider the following features.

1. Adjustability Features

If you are selecting the ergonomic computer chair then consider the adjustability features as one size does not fit all the users. With the help of adjustability, the user can adjust the chair according to their comfort which gives them the customized feel. The major adjustibility features include the adjustable armrest, neckrest, headrest, lumbar support, and back angle and height.

2. Material and Fabric

Fabric is one of the most important aspects to consider for the best computer chair. The breathable fabric allows perspiration and gives a sweat-free experience. The thickness of the cushion padding also plays an important role in comfortable sitting as it provides softness to the harder surface.

3. Swivel System

A chair must have a swivel system as it ensures smooth movement around the workspace or computer table. The user can easily reach the different areas of his desk without any pain and strain with the 360-degree swivel system.

4. Height of the Seat

The common measurement for the height of the seat is about 16 to 21 inches off the floor, it works for most people because it provides relief to the thighs and legs as the feet can easily rest on the floor. So, select the one that has the adjustability feature with the height through the pneumatic adjustment lever.

5. Ergonomic Design

A chair that is made up of ergonomic design provides adequate support to the musculoskeletal system. It has an armrest that provides support to the elbows and lower arms. Lumbar support provides proper support to the lower back. The backrest maintains the natural curve of the spine.

Therefore, to get the best computer chair ensure all these features are present in it, only then you can get full support and improved performance while working. Along with the above-mentioned features analyze your needs and budget as well that will help you in shortlisting the right computer chairs.

Best Computer Chairs in India

Here are some recommendations worth considering, so you don’t have to wander around to buy the best computer chair for yourself.

1. Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Computer Chair

Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair
If a sophisticated yet cozy chair is on your wish list then this Green Soul® Vienna chair deserves your attention. Enjoy the premium and durable Leatherette comfort with this option. This Computer chair has ultra plush padding to provide a luxurious feel and maximum comfort to your back. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a chair to perform desk work, computer work, or office work. The padding and upholstery eliminate neck and back pain even if you sit for prolonged hours at work. The cushion is constructed to provide maximum arc support and resilience. Crafted with great precision and engineered for maximum comfort this chair is built with a heavy-duty tilt mechanism so that you can tilt back the seat and the chair up to 135 degrees or lock at a 90-degree position for better work. The cushion’s lumbar support of the chair helps users maintain the natural curve of their spine and is an ideal chair for long-term sitting.

Features (Green Soul Leatherette Computer Chair)

2. Da URBAN® Merlion Computer Chair

Da URBAN® Merlion Office Chair
The Da Urban Ergonomic home office desk chair can maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting posture so it is the best option. It comes with a high back mess which maintains the natural curve of the human body. The ergonomic design with a thick molded pu seat and adjustable headrest provides a comfortable position to the whole body from neck to head. Enjoy a sweat-free experience with mesh fabric and a large seat. The cushioned seat thickness provides maximum support for long sitting sessions. The lumbar support through the cushion gives maximum support to your spine and lower back. A tilt-tension knob is present under the chair seat for adjustable height and the heavy metal base has a weight capacity of 120 kg. The chair assembling procedure is also convenient and you can assemble the chair with the assembly manual itself. The ergonomic chair is best for extended sitting sessions as it offers a reasonable level of comfort.

Features (Da Urban Ergonomic)

3. Green Soul® Jupiter Echo Computer Chair

Green Soul® Jupiter Echo Office Chair
The ergonomic echo Green Soul Computer chair comes with various features that will enhance productivity as it provides ultimate comfort to the employees. The ergonomic backrest provides immense support to the shoulder, spine, neck, and back. It provides a molded foam seat cushion for customized comfort. It has a tilt facility with a lock mechanism through which you can tilt the chair to 90-135 degrees and lock it with a single lock system according to your comfort. It gives relief from back pain and spine pain. To keep you cool while sitting the breathable mesh fabric is used at the backrest of the chair. It has an adjustable armrest and lumbar support that can fit with every kind of person including 5’1 and 5’9. The frame material of the chair is made up of glass-filled nylon that can bear a maximum weight of up to 125 kg. This chair provides sophisticated support for all types of work with its ergonomic swivel feature. You can easily move through your desk to manage multiple activities. The net weight of the chair is 18 kg and it is manufactured in L shape because it maintains the natural curve of the spine.

Features (Green Soul Jupiter Echo Computer Chair)

4. Green Soul Pebble Computer Chair

green soul pebble office chair
Investing in the Green Soul Pebble ergonomic mid-back mesh Computer chair makes a significant difference in the workday life of an employee and provides benefits to the company as a whole. It is a high-quality Computer chair with a comfortable and spacious seat. The items that are included in the chair are as follows. The assembly instructions, chair back, chair seat, chair armrest, screws with Allen keys, wheelbase, hydraulic shaft, and bolt mechanism. These parts provide the complete structure to the chair and the economic features like lumbar support, adjustable armrest, and cushioned seating reduce this comfort and allow better focus to the work. The total weight of the chair is 12 kg and can bear a weight of up to 90 kg.

Features (Green Soul Pebble Computer Chair)

5. INNOWIN Venture Premium High Back Ergonomic Chair

Innowin Venture High Back Office Chair
Innowin Venture supplies the leatherette material chair with a strong metal base and a high-comfort seat for under 10,000. It suits both office and home best. It is a high-back chair with ergonomic benefits including lumbar support, soft cushioned material, tilt lock mechanism, 360-degree swivel system, neck support, and soft seating. The adjustable lumbar support emphasizes the suitability for executive use. The soft cushioned fabric on the armrest provides support to the elbows and the cushioned headrest gives additional comfort. The internal frame is made up of wood and the upholstery cover is of flux leather that enhances durability and flexibility. The adjustable height with the lock knob mechanism specifies its functionality in a dynamic office environment that makes a significant difference in workday life. The assembly process is not complicated as you can assemble it with the help of the attached assembly manual.

Features (Innowin Venture High Back Computer Chair)

6. Amazon Basics Neptune Multi Adjustable Headrest Computer Chair

Amazon Basics Neptune Multi Adjustable Headrest Office Chair
Amazon Basic Neptune Computer Chair is designed with an adjustable headrest for ultra comfort that fulfills your desire for just under 10,000. The black and white color gives it a classic look. The push-back mechanism of the chair reduces the pressure on the lower back and provides relief from back pain. It alleviates blood flow in the whole body. To enhance comfort you can adjust the height of the number support which provides relief to the spine pain. The ergonomic soft padded seat and armrest reduce discomfort and increase the standard working hours. The adjustable headrest model makes it elegant and different from other chairs and adjusted to multiple levels as per the user’s convenience. You can relax your body by leaning back on the lumbar support. It is the epitome of convenience and functionality. The single lock mechanism gives you support with multiple positions.

Features (Neptune Computer Chair)

7. beAAtho® Verona Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair

beAAtho® Verona Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair
beAAtho Verona is the ergonomic office desk chair that comes with features that make a difference in your workday life. It offers a lot of comfort including value for money. If you want to contribute to the self-reliant India then this chair is best for you as beAAtho is the brand that manufactures their products in India and proudly contributes to the drive of Make in India. This chair enhances the class and style of the office with its vibrant color options. You can choose the colors according to your convenience. The iconic features and BIFMA-certified accessories ensure its durability and long life. The manufacturer uses BIFMA components in its production to maintain its high quality. Its ergonomic features include a breathable mess, a mid-high back, a tilting mechanism with a lock system, an adjustable backrest and armrest, etc. providing different levels of convenience to the users. The chair can bear a weight of up to 110 kg. The assembly manual is attached to the chair and if the customer needs any assembly video then they can scan the QR code on the box. Its policies also offer a warranty period in which replacement of the broken, damaged, and non-functional parts is available.

Features (beAAtho Verona Mid-back Computer Chair)

8. Amazon Basics Cyrus Computer Chair

amazon basics cyrus office chair
The Amazon basics Cyrus Computer chair is best for those who are looking for a wing-back chair. It is a rectangular-shaped chair that provides proper space and comfort while sitting and reduces discomfort. This chair is not only suitable for the office but also good for the bedroom, library, and study room. The chair is made up of nylon fabric with a white-grey color which enhances the overall appearance of the chair and provides a classy look. The total weight of the chair is 11 kg 600 g. The ergonomic features of the chair provide unconditional support and comfort to the users. Its adjustable backrest offers proper comfort to the lower back and increases the working hours of the employees. The single lock mechanism for the backrest tilting system helps in maintaining correct posture and provides relief to the lower body as well. The 50 mm castor wheels increase functionality and mobility. The warranty for the manufacturing defect is also available. The Assembly procedure is quite simple as anybody can assemble it by following the assembly manual.

Features (Amazon Basics Cyrus Computer Chair)

9. beAAtho® Florence Metal Base Mid Back Chair

beAAtho® Florence Metal Base Mid Back Chair
beAAtho Florance Computer chair is made up of finished polished iron material which enhances its durability with its strong and corrosion-resistant nature. It reduces the cost of maintenance and provides high quality under 5000. The best quality chairs play a significant role in the company because they describe the company’s value for the well-being and comfort of their employees. Due to its sturdy frame, it can tolerate a weight of up to 130 kg. The material of the chair has an anti rust property which provides resistance from moisture and makes the chair last longer. The tools that are required in the assembly of the chair are also attached to the assembly guide. The chair can easily be maintained as its cleaning instructions suggest wiping it with a damp cloth. The adjustable features and the cushioned seating ensure a comfortable sitting experience.

Features (beAAtho Florance Computer Chair)

10. Wakefit Twister Medium Back Computer Chair

wakefit twister back office chair
Wakefit Computer chair is a medium back chair that is suitable for office work and computer work. The chair is available in a Twister black powder-coated base which enhances its suitability for the office as it gives it an elegant look. The Powder coated base gives it a fine finish. The imported mesh at the back ensures air circulation and provides a heat and sweat-free sitting experience. It supports the long hours of seating and enhances the overall productivity of the employees in the office. Fixed armrests give comfort to the arms. The maintenance of the chair is simple as the dust can be wiped off with a clean and dry cloth. The chair can bear a weight of up to 90 kg. To enhance the overall class and seating experience invest in Wakefit Computer Chair.

Features (Wakefit Twister Computer Chair)


Computer chairs with ergonomic features provide a lot of benefits to users from body support to work performance. To enhance your overall comfort levels, you need to invest in the right chair that supports your needs and requirements. A perfect chair that has a structure or design to improve your posture, reduce your back pain, and that can improve your productivity levels is considered the best. So, a computer chair with seat tilt, seat slide, adjustable lumbar support, headrest, backrest, and armrest provides various benefits to the users and supports correct posture. The investment in ergonomic chairs helps prevent problems in the future and you are free from suffering the consequences of using substandard seating.

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