Office chairs and gaming chairs are the two most predominant options available today. When hunting for a perfect desk chair you might have come across the debate about which is better: an office chair or a gaming chair. At first glance, you might assume that these two different options come down to basic aesthetics, however, there are many more features and factors to consider before shopping for a perfect new chair.

Gaming chairs are ergonomic and uniquely designed chairs that are meant for long hours of playing video games. Office chairs are ergonomic chairs that are designed for corporate environments however they can also be used for gaming purposes and this makes them a versatile option. They are widely known for adjustability, practicality, and comfort features. This guide will help you to understand the key differences between an office chair and a gaming chair so that you can spend your money judiciously and also feel confident about your purchase decision.

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

Distinguishing Factors Between Office Chairs Vs Gaming Chairs

The most common observation while comparing office chairs and gaming chairs is that while office chairs prioritize comfort over design/style, gaming chairs on the other hand prioritize style/ design over comfort. There are a lot of structural and visual differences between the two. Structurally both of them share similar features like armrests, casters, padding, adjustable settings, and swiveling bases that keep users comfortable. However, the differences between the two are quite striking. While office chairs are clean and simple in design gaming chairs on the other hand put special emphasis on design and style. Gaming chairs have embroidered symbols, a flashy look of race cars, bright-colored options, and character-oriented covers. Most gaming chairs and office chairs are priced similarly however quality office chairs are more expensive compared to the highest-quality gaming chairs. Read on the below factors that will help you to make a correct decision in terms of buying a perfect chair that can match your needs.

1. Comfort

Gaming chairs have distinctive padding options designed to support the neck, head, legs, arms, and back region. This makes players feel cushioned while they remain seated. Gaming chairs usually have padding along the top, sides, and bottom of the back, on the armrests, and over the seat. Office chairs may not be consistent with comfort designs. Some of the best well-designed office chairs have similar features to that of gaming cheers but they may not be accessible at the same price point as gaming chairs. A significant benefit of office chairs when it comes to comfort is that they are much cooler than gaming chairs. This is because the mesh back design of office chairs is an ideal feature to keep users cool with a strong support system at a lower cost. The fabric choices of these chairs maintain good airflow and fight against moisture. Users who run hot prefer moisture-wicking fabric office chairs or less padded mesh chairs.

2. Design And Style

Gaming chairs have a unique design inspired by race car bucket seats with oversized frames for supporting helmets from behind as well as bolstered sides so that gamers can stay in their place while turning hard. Common features of a gaming chair include the following:

The unique design of gaming chairs supports players to maintain overall better back support and straight back posture. The long oversized backrest of these chairs makes sure the entire back of gamers is supported every time. The side bolsters support your back and legs so that you can sit up straight with less effort for prolonged periods. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for gamers to sit with their legs folded due to the presence of tall wings on the seat.

The common design and style of office chairs may vary but generally, these chairs include the following features:

Office chairs feature a flat seat cushion and mesh back. The built-in lumbar support is more adjustable and effective than moving around the internal mechanism or support pillow in gaming chairs. The flat and waterfall seats on these chairs help to support your thigh muscles however the biggest drawback is that the office chair lacks a headrest.

3. Durability

Gaming chairs and office chairs differ from one another based on their durability as both are designed for different activities. Players often throw their body weight around the gaming chairs when they feel frustrated, move around in their seats, and get up/ sit down aggressively. On the other hand, users in the office generally sit in their seats, spin around for some time, and are generally respectful towards their co-workers. Office chairs can withstand years of use but they are not built with the same durability as gaming chairs. Meanwhile, gaming chairs are stain-resistant which is significant for players who take snacks while playing. Gaming chairs have better-constructed adjustable functions and the wheels support greater weight limits while maintaining low overall weight. Although office chairs can easily withstand a lot of abuse and have good durability as well, gaming chairs are slightly better.

4. Ergonomics/ Adjustability

When it comes to choosing between a gaming chair and an office chair in terms of ergonomics you can be confident as both options have solid adjustability features. Without solid adjustability, you might get a potentially stiff neck, sore back, and worn wrists. Gaming chairs include support pillows for your lower back and head which are attached to the frame through stretchable straps. Gaming chairs also provide tilt lock, adjustable armrests, seat height adjustment, and the ability to lean back. Office chairs are also adjustable and comprise features like adjustable armrests, tilt tension and locking, built-in lumbar support to slide up and down and seat height adjustment. Unlike gaming chairs, you cannot lean back up to 180 degrees on an office chair. Today a lot of ergonomic gaming chairs are available in the marketplace which look similar to office chairs with slightly different features such as a lot of styling options, flashy colors, flat or waterfall-style seats, and no side bolsters.

5. Price Comparison

Office and gaming chairs both start at a low price point but going for the extremely low-cost option is not a worthwhile consideration. By spending a bit more you can find a long-lasting and good quality chair. Gaming chairs are more reasonable in the end with tons of cheaper and high-quality options, unlike office chairs which generally have a limited selection of high-quality affordable chairs. There are a lot of budget office chairs for users that can support players for months, however, it is difficult to find a good quality gaming chair below $100. Both gaming and office chairs have an average cost ranging between $200 to $400. Office chairs which include a big price tag are composed of high-quality materials like galvanized steel frames and genuine leather. Gaming chairs are a little more expensive since they come with new upgraded features like massage functions or footrests. With gaming chairs, people get maximum value out of their money at a low price point compared to office chairs.

Pros And Cons Of A Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is designed particularly for gamers and includes adjustable armrests, backrests, reclining functions, and lumbar support. The main advantages of using a gaming chair are:

However, these chairs can be costly especially if you’re going for high-end models which cost hundreds of dollars. These chairs are made for stationary use so they can restrict flexibility and mobility. Gaming chairs unlike office chairs are bulkier therefore it can be difficult to store or move them.

Pros And Cons Of An Office Chair

Following is the list of advantages that you can get by purchasing an office chair:

Despite these advantages of office chairs, they cannot compete with gaming chairs when it comes down to comfort designs. Also, these chairs are known for minimalism therefore you cannot find a great style or design as per your reference. Unlike gaming chairs office chairs are not so durable especially if you’re going for a cheaper option.

Should You Buy An Office Chair Or A Gaming Chair?

Office and gaming chairs may be similar in features and comfort but there is no clear winner among the two. Office chairs tend to offer a lot for gamers who are on a tight budget. Gaming chairs on the other hand are a superior version of office chairs. A significant factor that makes an office chair consistently a better option is its decent budget range. If you are working at your desk from home throughout the day then purchasing a high-quality office chair will be a better option. A well-designed office chair gives optimum support for extended sitting in all the perfect spots. A gamer who is interested in streaming or wishes to take advantage of the specially designed built-in audio features can go for a racer-style flashy gaming chair with Bluetooth compatibility or built-in speakers. On the other hand gaming chairs might not be the best business-appropriate option for professionals who host clients online or participate in video calls. No matter whether you play hard, work hard, or do both you need to filter your search criteria by the features you want to have in your chair.


As the gaming community and the remote world are expanding with each passing day, there is a great need for high-quality chairs among users. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to purchasing an ideal chair. Whether you’re a gamer or a professional, comparing the key differences between office and gaming chairs will help you make the right purchase decision. While comparing both options, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind such as ergonomics/ adjustability, comfort, design, best price for the value, special features, and durability.

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