When the infant grows and comes to a time when he can sit and hold his neck, the mother usually thinks about what kind of potty trainer chair she should buy while keeping in mind the safety, durability, and non-toxic material used in its making. There are a couple of factors that should be in your mind while buying potty trainer chairs for your toddler.

How to Select the Best Potty Chairs for Babies?

When parents are looking for a commode for their growing child and want to train their child from diapers to toilet then their preference will be very specific which is comfortable for both the child and the parent. For this, not only the flashy but comfortable chair is important and it requires various factors to consider. The elements that help you in selecting the best potty chair for babies are as follows.

1. Size and Comfort

Select the chair that is comfortable for your child which is dependent on the size and age of the child. It is crucial to ensure that the child will not face difficulty while sitting for extended periods.  Also, consider the size of your toilet so that the baby potty chair fits there securely and provides a stable sitting surface.

2. Safety and Design

Look for a chair that is safe for your child and does not create any inconvenience like the seats with non-slip grips or rubberized bottoms that prevent you from any mishappening. Along with this, a chair with an ergonomic design such as built-in adjustable handles or armrests provides more stability and safety.

3. Child-friendly Design

A chair that has various child-friendly things that can attract the child and give the best potty training experience is considered best. The things that make the chair attractive include design, color, fun stickers, toys, music, etc.

4. Easy Cleaning

Select a chair that comes with an easy cleaning facility including seats with removable parts and disposable liners. Opt for the material that can easily wiped off and sanitized after use. Most chairs come with these facilities as they are designed based on the needs of the babies and parents.

5. Portability

If you are looking for a chair that is convenient for traveling and helps you in moving from one place to another then opt for a chair that is light in weight and has portable options like a folding facility. A chair that can be easily disassembled provides you with easy storage in limited space and is convenient for traveling.

On the whole, parents need a baby potty seat to train their child and for this, they must consider features like size, comfort, safety, design, etc to invest in the best chair. Additionally, analyze the needs of your child and take care of points like adjustable height, dual-purpose design, engaging designs, and many more. Now, let’s look at the best potty chairs that are discussed below in this guide.


These are some of the factors which as a mother you might list and consider while buying such a chair.

To ease out the pain, we have some recommendations for the best potty chairs or Training seats that you should consider when you think of buying one for your little ones.

Best Potty Chairs for Babies/Kids in India

Parents need to train their children at the right time and for potty training, they require the correct and proper potty training chair. For the selection of the chair, they need to consider various things and should compare between the available options. So, to help you out here are some best available options out there for your baby.

1. LuvLap Trainer Potty Seat With Ladder

luvlap trainer potty seat

Experience the versatile design and style of this chair with its ladder facility that can adjust with any standard-sized toilet and gives a realistic feel to the child. It is suitable for both boys and girls and kids who are one plus year can easily use it. The features like anti-slip pads, adjustable steps, handles, etc keep the training sessions stress-free for both the kids and the parents. So, the sturdy and stable design of this chair provides ultimate safety and comfort to your child.


2. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Potty Seat

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Potty Seat

Invest in the child’s development with this comfortable and practical potty chair with its 3-in-1 potty seat. It helps children learn various things. It starts with the training potty chair, then the removable potty ring helps your child in the transition to the real toilet. This potty seat is convertible as you can convert it to a sturdy stepstool that helps your child get on and off the toilet and boost up to the sink. So, the design of this chair is very convenient and gives versatile use.


3. Zollyss Portable Baby Potty Training Seat

Zollyss Portable Baby Potty chair

The ergonomic design of the chair with a ring shape provides optimal comfort to the baby and the BPA-free plastic material makes it long-lasting and offers easy cleaning with mild soap and water. Anti-slip rubber grip at the edges keeps the seat in place which enhances the confidence of the child. The sturdy and stable construction with a smooth and sleek surface makes it incredibly convenient for the babies and also for the parents for cleaning purposes.


4. LuvLap 2 in 1 Baby Potty Training Chair

LuvLap 2 in 1 Baby Potty Training Chair

It is a high back potty chair for the kids who can hold themselves and sit. It has a detachable inner bowl, which can be removed and cleaned, it has a cover that supports the baby’s posture while sitting and the main body. It is made with high-quality material for the comfort and support of the kids. No toxic material is used while making this chair. It has met the European standards of EN 71 certification for its safety. The edges of the chair are smooth and finished which won’t hurt the soft skin of the kids. It can be attached to the adult toilet seat. It is a perfect first for babies between the age of 5 months to 4 years. With its simple, compact body it can be easily stored and carried when so ever required.

5. StarAndDaisy Baby Potty Training Seat for Girls and Boys

StarAndDaisy Baby Potty Training Seat for Girls and Boys

This potty chair is trusted by a lot of parents due to its functionality and quality. It has the features that provide ease of use. It has a comfortable seat with a lid cover that prevents a foul smell after usage. The lightweight and portable material makes it suitable to carry in traveling and you can store it with convenience after use. Easy curves and finishes on the design of the chair make it easy to clean after usage. Due to its design, it is easy to cultivate through which the baby goes to the toilet independently. With the rotating adjustable bottom the chair can easily fit all types of surfaces and is not easy to slide or slip. The material of the chair is strong enough and can bear a load of up to 80 kg. So, invest in this chair to help your child in a smooth transition to the real thing.


6. WISHKEY Western Style Toilet Training Potty Chair

WISHKEY Western Style Toilet Training Potty Chair

This chair is a perfect solution for a smooth, comfortable, and confident transition from diaper to the toilet or the real thing for babies. It is a soft portable toilet seat with a lightweight feature that is easy to carry and movable from one place to another. The eco-friendly PVC material and high-strength sponge provide ultra comfort and softness to the child. The rounded arc backrest design protects the spine development of the child. So, invest in this chair to give your child a realistic potty seat experience like an adult toilet.


7. Nabhya Toilet Trainer

Nabhya Toilet Trainer

The range of vibrant colors makes it super attractive for both the parents and the kids and provides an enjoyable potty training experience. The unique design and appropriate size accommodate the stature of infants and toddlers. The seat of the chair is made up of non-toxic material which is skin-friendly and does not harm the skin of the baby. The comfortable seat with smooth edges trains your child from 6-24 months. So, invest confidently in this budget-friendly potty chair.


8. R for Rabbit Minimo Potty Seat

R for Rabbit Minimo Potty chair

This seat is designed while keeping the baby’s comfort in mind. This chair is ergonomically designed with a high back to support the posture while sitting. It also prevents babies from falling back. This chair can be clamped with the adult toilet seat to provide better and easy training of your baby for sitting. It can be easily washed as it has curves and finishes on the designs which makes it easy to clean the seat after use. It has a urinal, potty seat, pedestal, and a lid to cover it. It is a light weighted chair that can be covered with the lid for the odor-free environment. It can be clamped with the adult toilet seat when your child grows. It can be used when the child attains the age of 5 months and can be used until he becomes 4. It can bear up to 20 kgs of weight. The chair is made with strong, durable material, no toxic substance material is used while making the chair. It is EN 71 certified for safety.

9. SYGA Soft Toilet Seat for Baby

SYGA Soft Toilet Seat for Baby

SYGA portable potty seats for the toddlers will make the toilet training for your baby a neat, effortless, enjoyable experience with making a start for your baby to learn about sanitary habits from an early age. This chair is made with the universal design that perfectly fits standard and elongated toilets and also can be used as a travel potty seat for your toddlers. The chair does not have any sharp edges, it is a smoothly finished chair for the better sitting experience for the baby. It comes with the hooks with the chair, if the chair is not in use you can hand the chair in the bathroom for your convenience. It is made with the PP plastic which is free from BPA, Phthalates, and heavy metals. It is made with the non-slip material to ensure the stability of the kid without the risk of falling off. It can be used with the age group of kids between 9 months to 3 years and counts to be one of the best potty chair for kids and babies with such reasonable price.

10. Sunbaby Potty Toilet Trainer Chair

Sunbaby Potty Toilet Trainer Chair
This potty trainer is designed with the round, smooth design for the better sitting experience. It’s high back helps in supporting the posture, spine of your little ones. The seat comes with the lid to cover it and helps in the prevention of the germs from it. It is easy to clean and wash. The chair is portable and can be taken on trips or any outings also. The dimension of the chair is around 37*26*24 cm. The chair weighs almost 739 grams. It is a unisex chair for both genders. It is made with an ergonomic style to maintain the good posture of your babies.

11. R for Rabbit 4 in 1 Convertible Potty Chair

R for Rabbit Regal Potty Seat Training chair

This chair is a comfortable chair seat for your toddlers during their learning of sanitary habits. The chair is made while keeping the baby’s comfort in mind. It can be attached to your normal western toilet seats. The seat can be converted into a high and low seat stool which can be used in the bathroom by your little ones for easy access to the basin for brushing teeth. It’s easy curves and finishing of the seat design makes it easy to clean the seat after usage. It is a light-weighted chair which makes it easy to carry while traveling and can be stored conveniently after usage. The dimension of the chair is 39.1*37.4*18 cm and weighs almost 1.85 kg.


The potty chairs for babies are very important to teach them the right technique and for the real thing experience. These chairs provide help to both the parents and kids. You need to invest in a chair that is comfortable for your child and according to the size and age of your kid. For this, you must analyze the available options in the market and choose the one that is ergonomically designed and maintains the right posture of your kid, prevents falling with anti-skid strips, gives a smooth finish, and does not harm the skin, etc. Therefore, invest in a chair that is perfectly crafted according to the suitability and safety of your child.

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