Bean Bags are becoming very popular these days. The main reason for their popularity is because they are aesthetically, good for health, and also go with every space whether it is your office, living room, bedroom, or even in the study room. Some furniture being too hard often leads to discomfort and does not support your spine ergonomically. The bean bags support your natural curves and movements of the body. Apart from this, bean bags also help in maintaining and improving body posture. Add a bean bag into your living space to add a new feel with fun, creativity, and happiness. In the market, different brands are selling different types, styles, and designs of bean bags, but choosing the correct one as per your needs is necessary. There are different sizes and varieties of bean bags to choose from like bean bag chairs, sofa chair-style bean bags, retro-style bean bags, couch bean bags, and many more.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider for Choosing the Bean Bag Chair?

Bean Bag Chair comes under the range of modern furniture which is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The bean back chairs are therapeutic and comfortable which provide relief to the muscle, joint, and back pain. These chairs are extremely beneficial and ideal for all age group people. Now choosing the best chair is very difficult because various factors affect your purchase including shape, fabric, size, usefulness, etc. Let’s discuss the factors in detail that you should consider while purchasing the bean bag chair.

1. Size

Bean bag chairs are available in different sizes. While purchasing, consider the size of your living room, bedroom, home cinema, and outdoor area as the size and shape of your room affect your purchase. So, measure the dimensions of your space as it is important that it suits your space and gives you a comfortable feel.

2. Shape

Various kinds of shapes are available in bean bag chairs and the users pick a shape that suits their style and comfort. The most common shape is a round shape like a ball, the pear-shaped chair offers good support to the back, a teardrop shape is similar to the pear-shaped chair, a structured chair is more like the traditional chairs with the backrest and armrest, and lounger chairs are oversized bean bag chairs which are ideal for napping or overnight guests. So, firstly analyze your needs and then select the shape of the bean bag chair.

3. Fabric

After considering the shape and size, You need to focus on the fabric of the chair and the fabric choices depend upon the indoor and outdoor use of the chair. If you are using it in indoor areas then the soft and comfortable fabric like polyester is good. On the other hand, if you are looking for outdoor use as well then look for the waterproof nylon fabric that is durable with the harshness of the sun and the coolness of the weather.

4. Filling Material

Examine the filling material as it is directly related to your comfort and support. The bean bag chairs are filled with various kinds of material and each material has its own level of comfort and support. The feeling material includes polystyrene beads, memory foam, shredded foam, microfiber fill, and air fill. So, consider the comfort level of these materials according to your needs and preferences.

Therefore, select the chair that maintains your body structure and fits with your style and space. Also, the material and fabric that allow your bean bag chair to remain in shape and along with this, ensures the durability of the chair.

To help you choose the right and best bean bag chair, we have some recommendations from which you can select a buy bean bag online as per your requirements. 

Top Best Bean Bag Chairs in India

Bean bag chairs are large fabric bags that are filled with polystyrene beans and provide full support to the hips, back, neck, shoulders, and head. The perfect chair encourages better posture and reduces muscle pain. To help you select the best chair according to your needs we describe some bean bag chairs along with their features. This guideline will help you in crafting your decision.

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Bean Bag

amazon brand solimo bean bag chair

Solimo bean bags add a touch of comfort to any living space. Its simple and easy design makes it a good fit that complements your lifestyle. It is a good fit for the contemporary home where casual style is an essential and vital part. It has a handle strap which makes it portable and easy to use. It is made with leatherette material with super seam and tear strength. The fabric covers are built for long-lasting comfort and it has fade-resistant fabric that helps retain the color for a long period of time. The bean bag is double-stitched for extra strength. The bean bag is protected with velcro and zipper to prevent the beans from spilling. The beans in the bean bag are added as per the size of the bean bag, if the bean bag is XXXL in size then almost 2- 2.5 kgs of bean will be filled into it. The dimension of the bag is 127 cms in length, 127 cms in width, and almost 117 cms in height. The bean bags should be kept away from heat, and sharp objects to prevent damage. This is a good fit for indoor areas as the material can heat up. The beans for this bean bag should be of large size and of good quality.

2. Wakefit Bean Bag

wakefit bean bag

The premium bean bag chair without beans in a leatherette material with cushion and footrest provides comfort and uniqueness. It is fully designed to provide luxurious comfort as its size is 4XL. The fade-resistant fabric with superior seam and tear strength ensures durability and stability. The double-stitched upholstery gives it a plain seam and provides exceptional strength and durability. You can clean the leather fabric with a damp cloth and the weight of the chair is around 2.5 kg which is easily movable from one place to another.


3. Mollismoons Bean Bag Fur Chair

Mollismoons bean bag fur chair

Experience ultra coziness with this supersoft bean bag chair which provides back relief to those who sit in an office chair all day long. The luxury style, fabric, and upholstery material of the chair provide back pain relief, are ideal for pregnant women, keep your back straight, give a sweat-free feel, are helpful in stress relieving, and provide a comfortable position for reading and meditation. The foam laminated cotton fabric gives a more royal look. The double stitching technique with piping does not come out and ensures the durability of the chair. This chair is all about luxury and living space and standard of living.


4. Couchette Lounge Chair Luxury Bean Bag

Couchette® Faux Leather XXXL Lounge Chair

A perfect blend in your study or living room, this bean bag is not just exquisite with its looks but is also quite durable. It comes with an additional footrest. This is a luxury quality bean bag that is made up of faux leather of high quality. The size of the bean bag is around 30*30*29 inches. And the size of the pouf is 12*17.5*17.5 inches. This bean bag is good for sitting, even to lay down and relax. The bean bag and pouf together can work as a single unit and also the pouf can be used as a table to work upon while putting a laptop or anything to it. Its fabric is fade-resistant. For the protection velcro and the zip is used to prevent the spilling of the beans out from the bag. To clean this bean bag you can use a dry cloth or soft brush.

5. Sattva Classic Bean Bag

sattva classic teardrop shape bean bag

Sattva classic bean bags simple yet durable bean bags to be used daily. It is made with premium quality leatherette fabric, which gives it a tough yet comfortable feel. The dimension of the bean bag is 42 inches in height and almost 24 inches of its base. These are made with the simple technique as per the spine curves. Its base area is more fluffy and cushiony to provide comfort while sitting over it. Even if you lay down it will adjust itself accordingly, while maintaining the good posture of your spine. It comes in different sizes and according to the size, beans have to be filled in it. It comes without beans. So you can choose the beans as per the requirement. For better results and usage, it was advised to refill the beans after every 6 months. The bean bag can bear a weight of up to 120 kg. It can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

6. Kushuvi Bean Bag

Kushuvi bean bag

Explore this perfect bean bag chair that suits your style and relaxation needs. It is made up of soft, comfortable, and relaxable beans which provide a desirable posture and make you feel calm. The latest design and color options decorate your living room and enhance your aesthetics. The double stitching ensures extra strength and the double protection with velcro and zipper prevents beans from spilling. This chair assures customers with its durability and easy maintenance which comes with three pieces including cushion and legrest. Easy to carry and move with no damage on the floor. So, invest in this comfortable and stylish chair to maintain your desirable posture.


7. ORKA Classic Bean Bag With Foot Stool

orka classic bean bag

It is a quality product that is ergonomically designed and aesthetically appealing with its perfect height and length. Its outer construction is made from soft, durable artificial leather which adds a luxury appearance to it. This artificial leather has a strong poly viscous backing and it comes with the color fastener guarantee. The stitching of this bean bag makes it capable of bearing a weight up to 80 kg. It has an easy-to-use handle over the top of the bean bag. It has dual stitching making it more durable. It also has a child lock so that your children cannot spill the beans from the bag. It is a suitable fit to sit, read a book, or even relax while working. It is easy to clean with just a dry cloth or soft brush. It can bear weight up to 80 kg. Its outer fabric has velcro and zip for a fastening mechanism. The size/ dimension of the bag is around 42 inches in height and almost 24 inches in width. It also has a side pouf that can be used as a footrest while lying and relaxing and can be used as a table while working on a laptop or reading a book, thus it counts to be one of the best bean bag chairs with such a cheap price. The beans in this bag and the pouf can be filled as per their size.

8. Lofster Bean Bag

lofster bean bag

If you are looking for a simple yet, classy bean bag then you can consider buying this one. It can be placed in any surroundings and area. It is simple yet durable and strong. It comes without beans and beans are required to be filled as per the requirements, instruction in the manual. It is made with high-quality fabric. This bean bag also has velcro and zip to ensure the safety of the beans within the chair and not popping out easily. Its fabric does not heat up easily which makes it more breathable and can be used for long sitting without any problem. The shape of the bean bag is ergonomically designed for better comfort and support. Not only does it supports the sine but also it is structured with the in-built armrests. It is a single-seat bean bag. It can be placed anywhere, whether in the living room, bedroom, or even in the office.

9. KAM’S LIEU Bean Bag Chair

KAM'S LIEU bean bag chair

This bean bag chair is available in a spectrum of vibrant colors and its chic design is effortlessly a blend of modernity and style which provide extra comfort and a luxurious feel to the users. The rectangular shape and the large size are helpful in relaxation as they reduce the stress and tension of the day. The straps are attached to the chair which helps you easily move it from one place to another without damaging the floor. The filling of the bean bag is soft and comfortable which provides ultra relaxation to the whole body. The 3XL size is suitable for every individual and perfect for a family room, any basement, bedroom, gaming room, or study spot.


10. ComfyBean Bag

comfybean bag

Indulge yourself in ultimate relaxation with this 4XL bean bag chair which is suitable for up to the weight of 90 kg. Reliable and long-lasting export-quality faux leather induces strength and sturdiness with its thickness which has a long life. This chair is carefully handcrafted by seasoned artisans, ensuring that every individual receives a perfect piece of furniture. It is available in various sizes including XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. So, the user can choose according to their weight. The extra cushion and the footrest provide extra comfort and sturdiness. The chair is crafted with non-hazardous fabric, with double stitching that ensures the greatest strength, and has child-proof safety zips. Most importantly you can refill the beans in the chair according to your suitability.



The bean bag chairs are the perfect example of versatility as they provide ultra comfort with their style and shape. These chairs are eco-friendly and sustainable which is best for every place as it is a blend of comfort, aesthetic, and practicality. While investing consider all the factors including size, shape, fabric, and filling material as they affect your purchase, and don’t forget to consider your size and weight as well. Your weight and size also decide which bean bag chair is comfortable for you. The bean bag chairs are good for improving posture and alleviating back pain. These chairs are easily available at reasonable prices with comfortable features.

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