A gaming chair is a specialized type of chair tailored to enhance the gaming experience of gamers by providing comfortable and ergonomic seating that allows them to focus on the game without any physical discomfort and distraction. A lot of gaming chairs are available in the market according to gamers’ preferences. The manufacturers of gaming chairs consider the unique demands of the gaming industry in which the most common need is sitting for extended gaming sessions. While purchasing a gaming chair, you should consider the chair’s ergonomic design that can maintain overall enjoyment during gaming sessions. A perfect gaming chair impacts the overall gaming experience of the user. So, here in this guide, we will discuss the factors that you should consider while purchasing the gaming chair and we attached the best listings of the gaming chair that are under 15000. So let’s look into the features of the gaming chair.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

To choose the best gaming chair, you are required to consider your needs and preferences. The right gaming chair eventually enhances the performance of the gamer as it provides full support to the body. The investment in the gaming chair is a kind of capital investment so you need to invest wisely. The major factors that help you to choose the best gaming chair are mentioned below. These factors will help you to make a worthwhile choice and give you the best value for your money.

1. Material

Material is one of the significant factors that you need to consider while purchasing a gaming chair because it is connected to the durability of the chair. If the chair is made up of high-quality material like PU leather or real leather then it increases its longevity. The leather material is more durable and breathable.

2. Style

Style is the crucial factor that sets your chair apart from others. If you choose the chair for any game zone then choose one that compliments your gaming set-up and if you are choosing it for your home then consider your room decor. The gaming chairs are available in various designs and color options. You can choose one that matches your preferences and elegance style.

3. Size

Before selecting, ensure that you buy the correct size of the chair. Determine factors like height, weight, width, depth, and backrest height because these are essential for lavish comfort. Select the chair that fits according to your height and weight and provide you maximum support.

4. Ergonomic seating

Select a chair that is fully ergonomic and accomplishes your comfort while providing support for long gaming sessions. Must look for lumbar support, reclining capability, cushioned seat, padded armrest, adjustable height, and many more that provide you with proper comfort.

5. Customer support

Don’t forget to ensure the availability of customer support. At the time of assembly of the chair, or in case of any damage, you need to contact the customer service team for their guidance and support. Also, check the warranty of the chair because it helps a lot to get coverage from any issue or damage.

6. Adjustability

Adjustability is the key feature of the gaming chair as the height, armrest, recline, and lumbar support adjustment is required to adjust the chair according to the needs and preferences of the body. You can also get customized chairs according to your specific comfort and need which may also fit in your budget range and offer you a high-quality gaming chair.

So, these are the factors that you should consider while selecting a gaming chair because they enhance your gaming experience. These factors reduce discomfort, fatigue, and back pain and maintain the correct posture of the body.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 15000 in India

The list of best gaming chairs that enhance your gaming experience under 15000 is discussed below. All the specifications including material, features, and size that make the chair comfortable and usable for a longer period are mentioned here. You can compare the chairs based on their specifications and features and can choose the best according to your needs. These are some notable picks for gaming chairs under 15000.

1. Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair
If you are looking for a high-quality chair with a sturdy 5-star heavy-duty metal base, then the Green Soul Beast gaming chair is one of the best chairs under 15000. The premium quality PU leather is used on the metal base as an upholstery which allows breathability and enhances comfort while sitting for prolonged hours. A three-way adjustable armrest provides extra comfort to the arms and shoulders while playing for long hours. The thick molded and soft form seat gives a luxurious feel and offers relief from hip pain. Adjustable and removable lumbar support with pillow enhances posture and support sitting for long periods. The user can recline their back as per the requirement. The heavy-duty metal base can support a weight of up to 120 kg. The assembly of the chair is easy and does not require any additional tools as all the relevant tools and the assembly guide are attached to the chair. The ergonomic features of this chair surely enhance your gaming experience and support your performance.

Features (Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair)

2. Wakefit Mastero High Back Gaming Chair

Wakefit Mastero High Back Gaming Chair
Wakefit ergonomic gaming chair comes with iconic features that ensure its durability and comfort. This year props you up economically and fits into your budget. It provides comfortable sitting for long hours and enhances your performance while gaming. The chair has been designed with a 4D adjustable armrest and height, number support, multi-lock, and powder-coated base. The high-back L-shaped chair provides extra comfort to the back and gives relief from spine pain. The frame material of the chair is made up of a powder-coated base which enhances its durability. The weight of the chair is around 24 kg and the chair can be a weight of up to 115 kg. The generous black and grey color enhances the look of the chair.

Features (Wakefit Genesis Gaming Chair)

3. Green Soul® Raptor Racing Gaming Chair

Green Soul® Raptor Racing Gaming Chair
Green Soul Raptor Racing Gaming Chair will make a significant difference in the gaming session of the players. The chair is fully designed by keeping the ergonomic comfort of the players in mind. The sturdy metal frame with premium PU leather upholstery offers ultimate support to the whole body and maintains the sitting posture. The adjustability features make it different from other chairs because it includes a 2D adjustable armrest, 180-degree reclining ability, adjustable headrest and backrest, and pillow support at the back. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the chair is up to 120 kg. Nylon base and faux leather offer easy maintenance as you can clean the chair by using a dry cloth. The chair parts and the assembly instructions are attached to the chair and the user does not require any other thing to assemble the chair.

Features (Green Soul Raptor Racing Gaming Chair)

4. DROGO Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

DROGO Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair
The Drogo Gaming Chair is customized according to the needs of the gamers as all the ergonomic features are included in it. The adjustable back from 90 to 160 degrees along with the lock system gives super comfort and relaxation to the back pain. The user can adjust the reclining according to their comfort and can lock it at any angle. The gas lift system extends the height of the chair up to 10 cm which is good for short-heightened people as they can adjust according to their legs and the screening position. The fully adjustable armrest in three dimensions including backward, forward, and upward provides comfort to the shoulder pain and ensures proper movement which maintains blood circulation. The high-density foam and pillow support save the structure of the spine. The detailed assembly manual instructions are included in the package and the required tools are also attached with the chair. The users can relax their bodies while playing on this chair as they can easily lean on the chair due to the adjustable reclining mechanism.

Features (Drogo DGC004 Ergonomic Gaming Chair)

5. SIHOO® M18 High Back Chair

SIHOO® M18 High Back Chair
The Sihoo M18 high back chair is also suitable for gaming purposes. The features of the chair can fit with the gamer’s expectations as well. The ergonomic lumbar support design keeps the spine of the user in the correct position and prevents back pain when sitting for long hours. The users can adjust the lumbar support in any direction from up, down, forward, and backward. The breathable mesh material gives a super comfortable feeling because it promotes good airflow and eliminates sweating and moisture. The polyester mesh and high-strength aluminum alloy metal base make the chair durable for a large number of years. The assembly of the chair takes 10 to 15 minutes and all the necessary tools, gloves, and the step-by-step assembly guide are included in the package.

Features (Sihoo M18 Chair)

6. Green Soul® Zodiac Pro Gaming Chair

Green Soul® Zodiac Pro Gaming Chair
Green Soul  Zodiac Gaming Chair comes with a world-class ergonomic design in which the S-shaped back is designed to provide comfort from back pain and lower pain. It is the only gaming chair that fully supports the spine and perfectly aligns with the body structure. This chair enhances the overall seating experience while gaming with its distinguished features as it follows the rhythm of “your chair, your rules”. So, the users can adjust it according to their convenience with its adjustability features of height, lumbar support, armrest, and headrest. The tilt mechanism and the foaming base give exceptional support to the thighs and the legs. The 50 mm dual castor wheels give it flexibility and movability. The chair can bear a weight of up to 125 kg. The BIFMA-certified parts ensure the quality of the chair and maintain the five-star rating of the chair. All the hardware and necessary tools that are required in the assembly come with the chair.

Features (Green Soul Zodiac Gaming Chair)

7. VERTAGEAR Racing SL5000 Gaming Chair

VERTAGEAR Racing SL5000 Gaming Chair
If you are looking for a gaming chair with multiple features then the Vertagear Racing Gaming Chair deserves your attention. The alloy Steel frame gives it long-term durability. The PUC upholstery maintains its softness and durability with low maintenance, the combination of PVC and PU faux leather retains the chair for everyday use and provides super comfort. The ultra-premium high resilience (UPHR) foam gives ultra softness and enhances the seating experience for long hours. It maintains the natural curve of the spine and is an ideal chair for long-term gaming sessions. Along with the assembly kit and manual the RGB/LED is offered separately. It elevates the whole gaming experience with the wireless controlled interactive modes including audio and gameplay sync. This is the most compatible chair under 15000.

Features (Vertagear Racing SL5000 Gaming Chair)

8. Sunon Gaming Chair

Sunon Gaming Chair
If you are looking for a chair that compliments your gaming setup and gives you value for your money then the Sunon Gaming Chair must be on your wish list. The chair is designed according to the needs of gamers as it comes with a unique footrest and lumbar support. The blue and black color of the chair gives you a sophisticated look. The 360-degree rotation mechanism and cushioned headrest ensure the comfort of the users. Adjustable and soft cushioned armrests provide relief from the discomfort of the elbow area. The retracting arm facility helps in saving space as the chair can adjust under the desk easily. The 360-degree rota-table PU rollers allow smooth rolling and won’t damage wood floors. The chair possesses a weight capacity of 275 kg. So, the adjustable features of the Sunon Chair make it perfect not only for Gaming sessions but also as a desk chair, office chair, and computer chair.

Features (Sunon Gaming Chair)

9. beAAtho® Rio Executive High Back Revolving Chair

beAAtho® Rio Executive High Back Revolving Chair
beAAtho Rio Executive High Back Revolving Chair fulfills more than one objective as it is perfect for office, home, desk, computer, and gaming. The features, style, and price make it different and best among other chairs. The combination of black and red gives it a classy look. The upholstery is covered with faux leather. The design of the chair completely focuses on comfort and durability. The extra padding on the seat, back, and armrest provides a luxurious feel and supports long-hour sittings. The three levels of quality check ensure its sturdiness and durability. For the assembly of the chair, the manual, assembly video, and call assistance will be provided to the user.

Features (beAAtho Rio Executive Chair)

10. SAVYA HOME Apollo High Back Ergonomic Chair

SAVYA HOME Apollo High Back Ergonomic Chair
The Savya Home High Back Chair is a multi-purpose chair that fits in every situation whether in the office, at home, or gaming. The ergonomic design includes various features that make it suitable and perfect for every kind of user. Thick mesh seat cushions provide the ultimate comfy sitting experience throughout the day. The high-density seat padding provides extra comfort as compared to other chairs. The one-touch adjustability features include lumbar support and height provide support to the neck, head, and back. You can lock the angle of the lumbar support by rotating the knob system. The chair has a weight capacity of 120 kg. That chair comes in a semi-assembled state which the users can assemble by themselves using assembly instructions.

Features (Savya Home High Back Chair)


The gaming chairs are designed to enhance the gaming experience of the users. The above-mentioned listings of the gaming chairs are under 15000. You can choose as per your convenience and suitability. Before selecting any gaming chair, check its ergonomic features and comfortability from the gaming point of view. The basic features include physical discomfort, supportive pillows, multifunctional, stylish design that matches your setup, sturdy construction that ensures stability and longevity, and adjustability. These features surely enhance comfort during extended gaming sessions.

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