Working in an office involves spending a huge amount of time sitting in an office chair. You would be surprised to analyze the time you spend in an office chair throughout the day. With an 8-hour office shift and 40 hours a week, it comes to 1900 hours over a year that you spend sitting in a chair. There is no doubt that a significant portion of your life is spent sitting in your chair. Despite this truth, a lot of people prefer to invest only in office accessories and equipment but not in comfortable and ergonomic chairs. As you tend to spend more time in front of your computer screen to do work it is important to choose a sturdy and comfortable chair both for your home and office setups. This guide will help you to cover the best office chair under 10,000 and how to choose the right chair for you.

How to Choose the Best Office Chair?

It is no secret that office share contributes to the decoration and aesthetic of your office or home, however, it cannot be denied that it has a major influence on your position and health. For instance, sitting on a chair adds pressure to the structures in the spine. To avoid getting back problems, investing in an ergonomic office chair that promotes a good posture and supports your lower back is important. This is the reason why looking for a sturdy office chair it is important to consider a few factors that will help you to make a worthwhile choice and get the best value for your money.

1. Lumbar Support

One of the significant factors that you should take into consideration while buying an office chair is the lumbar support. Buying an ergonomic office chair that supports your lower back and promotes a good posture is significant. An office chair without good lumbar support will cause health hazards such as back strain and even sciatica.  Therefore, it is a better idea to invest in an office chair that provides adjustable lumbar support.

2. Adjustability

While purchasing the best office chair take the height adjustment and adjustable features of the chair into account. The chair must include an arm with height, lumbar support, tension control, and seat back height and angle.

3. Backrest

Office chair backrests should have a width of 12 to 19 inches. In case the backrest is separate from the office seat it must be adjustable in angle and height so that the backrest can support the spine and provide lumbar support. If you are purchasing an office chair where the backrest and the seat are joined together as one piece then make sure that the backrest is adjustable in the back and forward angles. Moreover, it must have a locking mechanism to secure the backrest from going too far backward once you have decided on the appropriate angle.

4. Armrests

The armrest of an office chair must be adjustable. For instance, they must allow your arms to rest correctly and help your shoulders to relax. The armrest should be positioned close to the body to offer adequate support to the shoulders.

5. Fabric

This is one of the most ignored aspects of an office chair which is undoubtedly an important consideration. The fabric of your office chair should be comfortable and breathable to support your long hours of seating. The fabric of the seat should have an adequate cushion to support your back without making you feel the base of the chair.

6. Recline-Ability

The recline-ability refers to a glide mechanism present on a chair that enables a person to recline and get into a comfortable position on the chair at the time of working. Investing in reclining chairs will enable you to reach your keyboard and work on your computer system without putting much strain on your eyes, arms, and shoulders. If you want to avoid putting strain on your sitting bones and spine then look for reclining chairs.

Best Office Chairs Under 10000 in India

A good office chair can keep you productive and comfortable for long hours. To find the best office chairs, we compared a variety of features like ergonomics, comfort, lumbar support, tilt mechanism, and many more. With that in mind, the following are our top picks for office chairs.

1. Wakefit Safari Black & Grey Office Chair

Wakefit Safari Black & Grey Office Chair
This is an iconic, durable, and comfortable office chair. Investing in Wakefit’s ergonomic, supportive, and comfortable office chair will make a significant difference in your workday life. The chair has been designed with adjustable lumbar support, ergonomics, a headrest, and other additional features in mind that are tailored to user-specific needs. If you’re looking for a chair that props you up economically and is super comfortable to sit in for prolonged hours of typing at a desk the Wakefit will suit you the best. This office chair is also a versatile choice for its durability. As a high-quality office chair with excellent lumbar support, this is a perfect option for users looking to perform standard office work. It is similar to no other model especially when it comes to design/ style and this makes it a standout option. The chair tops the list as it is one of the best customizable chairs with adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and a unique adjustable headrest that can be detached and adjusted to different levels as per user convenience.

Features (Wakefit Office Chair)

2. Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair

Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair
If a sophisticated yet cozy chair is on your wish list then this Green Soul® Vienna chair deserves your attention. Enjoy the premium and durable Leatherette comfort with this option. The office chair has ultra plush padding to provide a luxurious feel and maximum comfort to your back. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a chair to perform desk work, computer work, or office work. The padding and upholstery eliminate neck and back pain even if you sit for prolonged hours at work. The cushion is constructed to provide maximum arc support and resilience. Crafted with great precision and engineered for maximum comfort this chair is built with a heavy-duty tilt mechanism so that you can tilt back the seat and the chair up to 135 degrees or lock at a 90-degree position for better work. The cushion’s lumbar support of the chair helps users maintain the natural curve of their spine and is an ideal chair for long-term sitting.

Features (Green Soul Leatherette Office Chair)

3. Da URBAN® Merlion Office Chair

Da URBAN® Merlion Office Chair
The Da Urban Ergonomic home office desk chair can maintain a comfortable and healthy sitting posture so it is the best option. It comes with a high back mess which maintains the natural curve of the human body. The ergonomic design with a thick molded pu seat and adjustable headrest provides a comfortable position to the whole body from neck to head. Enjoy a sweat-free experience with mesh fabric and a large seat. The cushioned seat thickness provides maximum support for long sitting sessions. The lumbar support through the cushion gives maximum support to your spine and lower back. A tilt-tension knob is present under the chair seat for adjustable height and the heavy metal base has a weight capacity of 120 kg. The chair assembling procedure is also convenient and you can assemble the chair with the assembly manual itself. The ergonomic chair is best for extended sitting sessions as it offers a reasonable level of comfort.

Features (Da Urban Ergonomic)

4. Hbada Flip-Up Arm Office Chair

Hbada Flip Up Arm Office Chair

If your search demands a chair that consumes little space and promotes correct posture then a Hbada office chair with a flip-up arm is the right choice. This chair comes with a swivel option that is perfect for both office and home. The armless model solves various problems including space saving as the chair easily slides under the table when the armrest is up, forward-leaning of the employees to get closer to the screen, and maintaining correct posture. The thickness of the sponge cushion and its W-shape reduces discomfort and pressure on the thighs which promote longer sitting sessions. The swivel quality helps you manage your workspace with ease as it rotates 360 degrees. The breathable mesh fabric on the back of the chair prevents sweat and provides support to your lower back that is super comfortable for prolonged working hours. The square-shaped ergonomic Hbada chair is suitable for study rooms, living rooms, and offices and is easy to assemble. It economically fits into your pocket.

Features (Hbada Office Chair)

5. Green Soul® Jupiter Echo Office Chair

Green Soul® Jupiter Echo Office Chair
The ergonomic echo Green Soul office chair comes with various features that will enhance productivity as it provides ultimate comfort to the employees. The ergonomic backrest provides immense support to the shoulder, spine, neck, and back. It provides a molded foam seat cushion for customized comfort. It has a tilt facility with a lock mechanism through which you can tilt the chair to 90-135 degrees and lock it with a single lock system according to your comfort. It gives relief from back pain and spine pain. To keep you cool while sitting the breathable mesh fabric is used at the backrest of the chair. It has an adjustable armrest and lumbar support that can fit with every kind of person including 5’1 and 5’9. The frame material of the chair is made up of glass-filled nylon that can bear a maximum weight of up to 125 kg. This chair provides sophisticated support for all types of work with its ergonomic swivel feature. You can easily move through your desk to manage multiple activities. The net weight of the chair is 18 kg and it is manufactured in L shape because it maintains the natural curve of the spine.

Features (Green Soul Jupiter Echo Office Chair)

6. Rose Designer SpaceX Leatherette Executive High Back Chair

Rose Designer SpaceX Leatherette Executive High Back Chair
If you are looking for a full high back office chair in a leatherette material then the Rose Designer Chairs work well for you. The cushioning upholstery material gives you a lavish and flexible feel. Faux leather is used in the sitting area which is more durable and economically affordable as compared to real leather. It is easy to maintain resists tears, strains, and moisture, and provides great comfort which increases the working hours of the users in the office. The tilt lock mechanism helps users sit in an upright position, it gives a convenient reclining motion while attending meetings, and phone calls. The padded armrest gives proper support to the elbows to maintain the natural position of the wrist while typing. So, the ergonomic qualities including adjustable backrest, lumbar support, padded armrest, and cushioned material help in maintaining proper blood circulation while working. The weight of the chair is 15 kg. The leather chair gives breathable and comfortable sitting for prolonged working hours.

Features (Rose SpaceX Office Chair)

7. INNOWIN Venture Premium High Back Ergonomic Chair

Innowin Venture High Back Office Chair
Innowin Venture supplies the leatherette material chair with a strong metal base and a high-comfort seat for under 10,000. It suits both office and home best. It is a high-back chair with ergonomic benefits including lumbar support, soft cushioned material, tilt lock mechanism, 360-degree swivel system, neck support, and soft seating. The adjustable lumbar support emphasizes the suitability for executive use. The soft cushioned fabric on the armrest provides support to the elbows and the cushioned headrest gives additional comfort. The internal frame is made up of wood and the upholstery cover is of flux leather that enhances durability and flexibility. The adjustable height with the lock knob mechanism specifies its functionality in a dynamic office environment that makes a significant difference in workday life. The assembly process is not complicated as you can assemble it with the help of the attached assembly manual.

Features (Innowin Venture High Back Office Chair)

8. Kepler Brooks High Back Office Chair

Kepler Brooks High Back Office Chair
The list of qualities of the Kepler Brooks Office Chair is a little wide and includes an ergonomic design, high back, flip-up armrest, and push-back mechanism which is perfect as a computer chair for home as well. The frame of the chair is made up of glass-filled nylon and the upholstery cover is made up of breathable mesh fabric which has strong tensile strength that provides comfort from sweat and back pain. The ergonomic design and double-layer cushioned seat provide super comfort and reduce joint pain and discomfort. The waterfall sitting structure fits comfortably with the head, back, lumbar, and legs which eradicates the pressure on the lower body. The 90-degree flip-up arm feature helps in space saving. It can fit in a small area as well because you can push the chair under the table. 360-degree swivel system allows you to move freely and makes it convenient for your workspace. The assembly manual and the tool kit to assemble the chair parts are included in it.

Features (Kepler Brooks Office Chair)

9. SIHOO® M76 Home & Office Medium Back Office Chair

SIHOO® M76 Home & Office Medium Back Office Chair
If you are bored with your regular design chairs and want some new featured chairs under 10,000 to upgrade your office then Sihoo office chairs fulfill your needs and requirements. It has an ergonomic design, an upholstery cover with porous mesh fabric, a 90-degree movable flip-up armrest, and adjustable height with comfortable lumbar support. It is a multipurpose chair that can be suitable for the bedroom, living room, meeting room, study room, and office.  The swivel system and 360-degree rotation wheel provide movement and are suitable for every kind of floor. It will not scratch the floor and gives a super comfy feel. The focus on ergonomic comfort with a trendy look provides a comfortable and scientifically healthy sitting posture.

Features (Sihoo M76 Office Chair)

10. Amazon Basics Neptune Multi Adjustable Headrest Office Chair

Amazon Basics Neptune Multi Adjustable Headrest Office Chair
Amazon Basic Neptune Office Chair is designed with an adjustable headrest for ultra comfort that fulfills your desire for just under 10,000. The black and white color gives it a classic look. The push-back mechanism of the chair reduces the pressure on the lower back and provides relief from back pain. It alleviates blood flow in the whole body. To enhance comfort you can adjust the height of the number support which provides relief to the spine pain. The ergonomic soft padded seat and armrest reduce discomfort and increase the standard working hours. The adjustable headrest model makes it elegant and different from other chairs and adjusted to multiple levels as per the user’s convenience. You can relax your body by leaning back on the lumbar support. It is the epitome of convenience and functionality. The single lock mechanism gives you support with multiple positions.

Features (Neptune Office Chair)


Finding the right ergonomic office chair is important to be productive at work. Users must make sure that the chair that they are purchasing for home or office use, is comfortable and goes a long way to boost their productivity. Even studies reveal that a person is highly productive and contributes to a positive work environment if he or she is comfortable in his or her sitting space. The aforementioned comfortable and ergonomic chairs help to prevent back strain, fatigue, and discomfort even if you sit for extended periods.

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