Do you love to sit comfortably and love sitting, reading books, or just recline and relax and unwind?

So why not try to add a good-looking antique, exquisite furniture piece to your house on your favorite spot where you prefer to relax after a hectic, tiring day to heal and relax?

The rocking chair is something we all have seen and loved while watching TV shows and movies. Rocking chairs come in different styles, colors, designs, and architecture to offer a range to choose from which suits and goes well in your home. There is a large variety of rocking chairs available these days made with wood, plastic, alloy, and many other materials and fabrics used to make it to give you the proper support and comfort you are looking for. These chairs can be both indoor or outdoor, you can choose one as per your requirement.

A rocking chair is an ergonomically designed chair, usually with two curved bands attached to the bottom legs of the chair. Some chairs are foldable as well. Many adults find these chairs soothing because of its gentle motion. Gentle motion often helps in sleeping easily. The rocking chair is also comfortable because when a user sits on it without rocking the chair automatically rocks backward until it meets the sitter’s center of gravity thus, maintaining the ergonomic benefit with the occupant kept at an unstressful position and postures.

What to Consider for Selecting the Best Rocking Chair?

Rocking chairs are best for therapy sessions as they help to improve body posture by reducing back pain and neck pain. The rocking chair ensures perfect movement of the body and increases blood circulation which reduces body pain. To get all these benefits, you are required to choose the right rocking chair for you. The points that you should consider at the time of investing in a rocking chair are as follows.

1. Size and Shape

Choose the size and shape of the chair that fits in your room and the place where you are going to put that chair. Along with the size of the room select a chair that is suitable according to your body size and type as it gives you a comfortable feel and supports your body posture.

2. Seating Style

Rocking chairs come in a variety of sitting styles including depth, back, angles, and heights. You can choose these styles according to your needs. Firstly, analyze whether you want to sit up straight or slouch, do you like deep seating, sitting low or sitting high, and how much reclining seat you prefer for your back. These things will help you in selecting the right big, deep, and comfy seat.

3. Consider the Motion

Rocking chairs offer a smooth rocking motion that provides relaxation and comfort to the users. You should choose a chair that is made up of a material that can easily maintain the motion and help you in leaning back and leaning forward again and again. If you want to use the chair for both outdoor and indoor purposes then prefer the one which has the gliders.

4. Material

Rocking chairs are made up of various materials such as metal, wood, wicker, leather upholstery, mesh material, etc., and each material and fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. Select the chair that fulfills your needs and provides you with a comfortable and soothing experience with durability and easy maintenance.

5. Design

Rocking chair has multiple designs including traditional, modern, ergonomic, and rustic. Each design has its own functionality, elements, features, color, size, shape, and design. Select after comparing their features and the one that suits your body, place, interiors, and budget.

Therefore, consider these points as primary features, and additionally, you can consider the cushioning, reclining capabilities, adjustability features, and many more. While investing in a rocking chair, research well and examine different options, make comparisons, and then make your final decision based on your needs, preferences, style, and comfort.

Top Best Rocking Chairs in India

Rocking chairs are good for every individual whether a kid, adult, elder, pregnant woman, nursing woman, etc., as they provide help in reducing anxiety and insomnia. While choosing the chair you should compare the features of the available chairs in the market and to help you out we will discuss some of the best rocking chairs here in this listing:

1. CRAFTCITY Ergonomic Rosewood Rocking Chair

craftcity ergonomic rosewood rocking chair

Experience the ultimate comfort with this ergonomic style rocking chair as it is perfect for every individual including pregnant women and nursing women. It helps in reducing back pain which is beneficial for pregnant women and helps nursing your baby as it promotes breastfeeding. Along with these, this chair is ideal for the dining room, balcony, garden, or other outdoor occasions. The well-padded seat and the ergonomic shape of the backrest and armrest give a relaxing and enjoyable time. The chair can bear a weight of up to 200 kg. It is a modern style chair that fits with comfort, sturdiness, and money.


2. Urbancart ® Relax Bamboo Wooden Rocking Chair

Urbancart ® Relax Bamboo Wooden Rocking Chair

Elevate your lounging experience with this classic bamboo rocking chair which has comfortable and safe rocking functions. The gentle rocking motion of this chair provides relief from the back pain. The bamboo structure of the chair is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor and fits with every kind of aesthetic and living space. Invest in this eco-friendly and durable chair as it is flexible and convenient to move from one location to another. The lower back and the adjustable armrest feature offer unparalleled relaxation to the lower back and the arms. The chair can easily bear a weight of up to 100 kg. The wooden material and the weight of the chair will do justice to the hard floors as well as the carpets.


3. Angel Mommy Polycotton Rocking Chair

Angel Mommy Polycotton Rocking Chair

Give a new look to your home with this rocking chair as it is suitable for the living room, garden, office, coffee shop, patio, and so on. The chair has a cotton fabric chair pad and back cushion that provides comfortable and easy care. You can adjust the cushion of the chair according to your needs and preferences like vertically which can provide relief to your back. This chair pad is made up of cotton and comes in different colors which can fit with your aesthetic easily. You can drape an additional cushion cover as well to give it a charm. So, this rocking chair is perfect for a lazy day and a cozy feel which also beautifies your furniture.


4. Globel Interiors India Sheesham Rocking ChairX

Globel Interiors India ergonomic rocking chair

The ergonomically designed chic appearance of a Sheesham wood rocking chair makes your lifestyle even more beautiful and ideal for your back pain and provides relaxation to your body. This chair is a modern take on the traditional rocking chair. The curved arm style is supported by two supporting pillars on two rocking legs which help you in shifting your weight from back to front. You can relax for hours as it heals your mind while rolling on it. The antique style of the chair is perfect for the living room or any other room with a hard floor and carpet. The design of this chair reduces back pain, provides emotional comfort, and can bring benefits to nursing mothers as well.


5. Mom’s Moon Super Comfy Long Rocking Chair

Mom's Moon Super Comfy Long Rocking Chair

If you are looking for the rectangular-shaped long rocking cushion chair then here it is which provides you the maximum comfort for extended periods of sitting. The cotton material of the chair helps regulate body temperature and keeps you cool and comfortable. The overstuffed construction with soft chair pads and cushions provides ultra comfort and ensures durability. It is easy to clean as you can wash the outdoor cushion fabric with mild detergent and cool water which can easily dry in the air. The soft and shiny cotton fabric upgrades your interior and gives a lovely look to your home. You can choose the color of the cushion according to your preference and choice as a lot of options are available.


6. Shilpi Amazing Hand-Crafted Rocking Chair

Shilpi Aamazing Hand Carved Wooden Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is made up of the premium quality of Indian Rosewood which gives the chair a more antique and exquisite look. This chair is made ergonomically which provides comfort to the whole spine. It has a footrest, armrest as well as and neckrest. The chair has a soft cushion all over the seat for better comfort. The chair maintains the perfect body posture with a smooth and gentle rocking motion. The dimension of the chair is 24 inches in length, 39 inches wide, 45 inches in height. The weight of the chair is almost 35 kg. It can bear up to 150 kg of weight. The chair sitting area is approximately 22*22 inches, the space is adequate for a person to sit and relax. The chair can be easily cleaned with a dry soft cloth. Do not use water while cleaning the chair. It is a good fit for the living area, bedroom, and balcony. It can be used by old age people also. The chair is safe and secure and its rocking motion is smooth and gentle.

7. Tayyaba Enterprises Royal Rocking Chair

This rosewood chair is something that goes with every corner of the house. Not just the looks, the chair gives the ultimate support to the whole spine or body by maintaining the proper posture while sitting for long hours. The chair has a smooth rocking motion, not something from which anyone can fall. One can enjoy it while reading a book, or even after a tiring day. This wooden rocking chair will add a compliment to your home. It can be used by the elderly also. This chair comes in a slim, compact, modern design and can be placed even in less space. It eases muscle pain and makes you feel relaxed. It was made with strong, durable construction. The chair comes with an armrest and footrest. The curved arm style is based on the semi-wheel-shaped structure, where the wheel is based on two rocking legs that shift your weight back to the front. It brings the traditional touch to your living room collection. You can just sit back and unwind yourself. The chair is made from premium quality wooden material. It is highly durable in nature. Specially designed for lovers of wooden articles. The chair is easy to clean, with a dry soft cloth. The weight of the chair is almost 35 kgs and its dimension is 119.4*99*73.7 cm.

8. Tayyaba Enterprises Pure Sheesham Rocking Chair

TAYYABA ENTERPRISES pure sheesham Rocking Chair

If you love sitting alone and relaxing, this chair is your type. This is a compact and sleek rocking chair made up of wood, as its primary material used. It provides comfort and support to relieve pain. It features strong, durable construction, this chair is a stylish and timeless piece of work for your living area, library, or even your office area. This exclusive and modern chair will add style and function to any space in your room. Its curved armrest provides support to your arm, neck, and shoulder. The chair also has foot support. The chair is built with premium quality wooden material which is high in durability. Specially designed for lovers of wooden work and antiques. The chair’s perfect finish and rich construction make this rocking chair a perfect pick. the dimension of the chair is 40*25*41 cm. And it weighs almost 27 kg.

9. Amaze Folding Portable Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

Amaze Folding Portable Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

This easy-to-fold compact chair is made with an alloy steel body with Textilene fabric seats which is strong and durable enough to hold up to 130 kg of weight. It provides a free, comfortable rocking motion. It comes with an easy and detachable side tray, which can be used to put a mobile phone, or a small bottle or can. The comes with 4 levers placed at the bottom of the pipe, the main objective of those levers is to control or stop the oscillating motion of the chair. The levers in the chair body frame are fixed. Do not pull the levers as it can result in the separation of levers from the main body frame. The reclining mechanism provides an almost sleeping body posture. The chair is easy to fold and unfold in seconds. It occupies very little space making it easy to port from one place to another. The unique and secured locking mechanism locks the reclining position at any stage to provide the desired body posture as per your needs. The chair’s strong and stable design gives long-lasting service. Its unique capsule-shaped tube cross frame is capable of bearing weight easily and safely. The dimension of the chair, when it is open, is 88*67*120 cm and when the chair is closed it is almost 70*25*111 cm. The backrest dimension is almost around 155*46 cm and the weight of the chair is almost 13.0 kg. 


Rocking chairs are soothing because of the gentle motion and helpful for every age group whether from toddlers to the elders. The two curved bands attached to the bottom of the legs on each side provide perfect motion to the chair and ensure relaxation to the body. While selecting the rocking chair consider shape and size, sitting style, motion, material, and design of the chair. Along with these things, consider your needs and requirements including reclining, adjustability, cushioning, etc. Invest in a chair that has a smooth rocking mechanism that ensures versatility and gives a soothing experience. Rocking chairs are best for the lounging experience.

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