A study chair that can provide you with ergonomic benefits and improve your health is considered best because it can help you sit comfortably while working for long hours. Generally, we spend a large portion of our day on study chairs or office chairs. A long hour sitting on a chair can add stress to the structures of the spine which creates various health issues. If you want to avoid developing back problems then invest in ergonomic chairs. The structure of the ergonomic chairs supports your lower back and promotes good posture. Numerous options in study chairs are available in the market with different features. To get the best chair firstly, you should decide upon your budget as it will help you in limiting your options. Here in this article, you will learn about the features of the study chairs that are relevant for improving productivity and health. Also, you will get details about various best listings that will help you in choosing the best study chair under 2000. Let’s start with the features that are required for the best study chair.

What to Consider for Selecting the Best Study Chair Under 2000?

Various kinds of ergonomic chairs are available that are considered the best office or study chairs. You are unable to consider that only one type of chair can provide you with all the benefits and for this, you need to look up the various options that can help you in selecting the ergonomic study chair. So, the features that make your chair work well according to your needs are as follows.

1. Seat Height, Width, and Depth

Choose a chair that has enough height, width, and depth which can support any user comfortably. A chair must have adjustability features through which the user can adjust their height, back, and seat according to their comfort. It provides comfort to the feet, arms, back, thighs, and knees.

2. Material

The material of the study chair needs to be soft and can provide comfort for hours. The upholstery must have padding support with the breathable backcloth fabric that can provide a sweat-free experience to the users. A sturdy frame and quality fabric enhance the durability and stability of the chair.

3. Lumbar Support and Backrest

A chair that has lower back support provides a proper curve to the spine and supports the structure of the body while sitting for long hours. The backrest with the adjustable height and angle supports the lumbar region which supports the inward curve of the lower back.

4. Adjustability

Choose the chair that can easily fit with your body type and preference. Along with this, opt for the chair that has adjustability features regarding height, armrest, backrest, and neckrest. It offers a customizable feel to the user as they can adjust it according to their suitability and comfort.

5. Aesthetics and Style

Consider the look and style of the place where you are going to put that chair as various options are available in the study chair including color, shape, and size. The chair that fits with your style and aesthetics will indirectly enhance the confidence and work performance of the user.

6. Swivel System and Castor Wheels

A chair that has a sturdy base with castor wheels and a swivel system ensures the durability and stability of the chair. It provides smooth movement around the workspace and on every kind of floor material including the carpet, hard floor, etc.

Ultimately, a study chair with all these features provides you with ergonomic comfort and enhances your overall performance. Hence, invest in a chair that has all the above-mentioned features, and for a budget-friendly chair compare the available options of different brands carefully.

Best Study Chair Under 2000 in India

The best listings for study chairs under 2,000 are mentioned below which will help you in getting the best ergonomic study chair under your budget. If you are looking for a study chair for students under 1000 then it might be difficult to get a proper ergonomic chair because under 1000 you can get a basic chair with basic features. To get one under 1000, you can check the online marketplaces on websites like Flipkart and Amazon where you may get special offers on chairs. Under 1,000, you only get the simple and basic designs of the study chair without the ergonomic and adjustability features. One more option where you can get study chairs under 1000 is the second-hand stores where the used chairs may be available at lower prices. Sometimes, you can get a good quality chair at reasonable prices from second-hand websites or shops. So, if your budget is low and looking for a study chair then remember that you will not get the ergonomic features as the non-ergonomic chairs are available under this budget. Now, let’s explore some best options to consider under INR 2000:

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Loft Chair

Amazon Brand - Solimo Loft Chair

This chair is a perfect blend of comfort and functionality that provides a lot of benefits to the users. The ergonomic design offers great comfort including the universal fixed arms, multifunctional headrest, high-quality upholstery fabric, toxin-free top material, 50 mm caster wheels, and swivel system. The adjustable lumbar support offers up-and-down adjustability that enhances overall comfort. The chair can bear a load of up to 110 kg which is tested by various stability and durability tests. The assembly of the chair is very simple anyone can complete it in a few steps and the assembly guide comes with the chair.


2. Leather Cushion Steel Chair

SOMRAJ Chair Comfortable Multi Purpose Chair with a Leather Cushion Steel Chair

A comfortable multipurpose chair with a leather cushion and steel is suitable for various uses such as office, study, living room, etc. The leatherette seat material offers various benefits to the users as it doesn’t hold stains and odors, is easy to clean, and provides softness and comfort with cushioned stuff. The chrome steel finish enhances its look and the square-shaped chair provides full coverage to the back and hips while sitting.


3. OFFICE SEATING Comfortable Office Chair

OFFICE SEATING Comfortable Office Chair

Invest in this sturdy base and durable frame chair as it provides reliability and stability for years. It is one of the most stylish, modern, and contemporary chairs that provide various comfortable features including an iron frame, black color, no requirement of any assembly as it is ready to use a chair, it is comfortable for all adults and kids, easy to clean, and provide comfortability due to its ergonomic design. So, invest in this budget-friendly and lightweight chair as it will provide you with the best experience.


4. RATISON Comfortable Chair

RATISON Comfortable chair without arm rest

The ergonomic design and features with formal and contemporary style fit with every aesthetics in a good manner. The chair with an iron frame and cushion back seat elevate the study experience of the users and the durability and stability of the chair. The strong and extra durable metal base increases its life and the pre-assemble form offers easy and direct usage to the users. The multifunction feature of the chair and its contemporary style make it ideal for all adults and kids. It is easy to move from one place to another due to its lightweight structure and material. The cleaning system of the chair is also very simple as you can wipe clean it with a wet or dry cloth.


5. P P Leather Cushion Steel Chair

P P Leather Cushion Steel Chair

Discover the epitome of comfort with this chair that improves your productivity with its ergonomic design and features. The chair is suitable for numerous places and people like restaurants, study, offices, executives, visitors, work from home, computers, students, etc. The leather cushion seat and the Steel frame at the back offer comfortable sitting positions and improve the overall body structure. This chair is a perfect blend of comfort and style that fulfills the requirements of both the home and office.


6. Padam Shree Heavy Duty Chair

Padam Shree Heavy Duty chair

Transform your study experience with this super comfortable and budget-friendly chair as it is designed according to the needs of the users. The high-density foam filled with PU gives a soft and comfortable experience to the users. The soft padding and high back design provides support to the spine and lower back. The material of the chair is waterproof, dustproof, and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. You can easily sit on this chair for long hours and can complete your work with full relaxation. The users will surely be impressed with the style, comfort, and stability of this chair.



In brief, while selecting the study chair you need to consider various factors that give you the ultimate comfort and support. You should consider the seat height, width, depth, lumbar support, backrest, adjustability, cushioned material, swivel system, leg rest, and many more. To get all these features you need to analyze your budget. If you are looking for a study chair for 1,000 then it is very difficult to get all the features under such a budget. Under 1,000, you can only get the basic and simple chair. So, to get the ultimate relaxation set your budget and needs because these factors play an important role in getting a study chair with the best features.

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