The right choice of an office chair is very important because it plays a significant role in impacting the productivity of employees. The ergonomic and well-designed chair enhances overall productivity. The ergonomic chair supports the natural curve of the spine and promotes good posture. The chair that reduces pain and physical discomfort, enables employees to concentrate on their tasks without being distracted. When a company provides a quality office chair by supporting the well-being and comfort of the employees, it creates a positive work environment and boosts the morale and dedication towards tasks which increases the productivity and profits of the company. The comfortable chair supports extended hours of sitting and leads to higher output which ultimately provides benefit to the organization as a whole. Here, we will discuss the best office chairs under 5000. The comprehensive guide of best office chair listing that we mentioned below will help you to choose the budget-friendly and comfortable office chair.

How to Select the Best Office Chair?

To select the best office chair, you have to consider various factors that are directly related to the chair including durability, comfort, ergonomic features, cost, and need and preference. The detailed components that you should consider while selecting the office chair are mentioned below. Anybody cannot deny the fact of impacting office chairs on health and body structure. To manage the interest of the employees within a specified range that contributes to the decoration and aesthetic of the office as well, just consider the points and make an informed decision.

1. Movable Height, Backrest, and Armrest

Make sure that the chair has adjustable height, backrest, and armrest. It provides convenience to all types of employees including heighted ones and short ones. They can adjust the height, backrest, and armrest of the chair according to their convenience.

2. Ergonomic Design:

Go for the chair that has lumbar support, breathable mesh fabric to prevent sweat while sitting, cushioned seat and armrest. These ergonomic features are important in a chair to increase the productivity of employees.

3. Swivel System:

While selecting a chair, don’t forget to ensure a 360-degree swivel system because it is very important to enhance mobility in the workspace.

4. Castor Control:

The chair must have smooth rolling castors that work suitably with the floor material whether that’s a hard surface carpet or a combination of both.

5. Lumbar Cushion:

If a lumbar cushion is attached at the back of the chair it provides fuller back support and reduces the problem of back pain.

6. Pillow in the Sitting Area:

The chair with a cushioned seat means the pillow under the butt helps reduce the pain of the coccyx and elevate the tailbone soreness from the hard seat.

So, these are the basic factors that you should consider while purchasing an office chair. These features make the chair purchase valuable and these features are available under 5000 as well you only need to conduct proper research.

Best Office Chairs Under 5000 in India

To find the best office chair under 5000, you need to compare the features of the chairs based on comfort, lumbar support, adjustable features, ergonomic qualities, etc. To support your search here, we attached the best chair list under 5000. To find the perfect year within your budget follow the below-mentioned listing as the chair is the only factor that impacts the overall productivity of the employees during working hours.

1. beAAtho® Verona Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair

beAAtho® Verona Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair
beAAtho Verona is the ergonomic office desk chair that comes with features that make a difference in your workday life. It offers a lot of comfort including value for money. If you want to contribute to the self-reliant India then this chair is best for you as beAAtho is the brand that manufactures their products in India and proudly contributes to the drive of Make in India. This chair enhances the class and style of the office with its vibrant color options. You can choose the colors according to your convenience. The iconic features and BIFMA-certified accessories ensure its durability and long life. The manufacturer uses BIFMA components in its production to maintain its high quality. Its ergonomic features include a breathable mess, a mid-high back, a tilting mechanism with a lock system, an adjustable backrest and armrest, etc. providing different levels of convenience to the users. The chair can bear a weight of up to 110 kg. The assembly manual is attached to the chair and if the customer needs any assembly video then they can scan the QR code on the box. Its policies also offer a warranty period in which replacement of the broken, damaged, and non-functional parts is available.

Features (beAAtho Verona Mid-back Office Chair)

2. CELLBELL Desire C104 Executive Office Chair

CELLBELL Desire C104 Executive Office Chair
CELLBELL Desire C104 is the best office chair with midback mesh and revolving feature as it is designed to tailor to the specific needs of the users. If you need to sit for prolonged hours of typing at an office disk the CELLBELL will suit you the best as it is economical. the chair is made up of a sturdy metal base which ensures its durability and life. The chair is fully designed with ergonomic benefits including a cushion padded seat that provides comfort for long hours as it is 2 inches thick from other regular chairs. The padded armrest provides full support to the elbow and the wrist while typing on the system and maintains the proper blood circulation in the body. The installation system is also very smooth and simple as anybody can do it by themselves. Still, if any help is required, the user can contact customer care, or the seller for the full videos and call support. The L-shape of the chair maintains the curve of the body especially giving required posture to the spine and reducing back injuries.

Features (CELLBELL Desire C104 Office Chair)

3. Amazon Basics Cyrus Office Chair

amazon basics cyrus office chair
The Amazon basics Cyrus office chair is best for those who are looking for a wing-back chair. It is a rectangular-shaped chair that provides proper space and comfort while sitting and reduces discomfort. This chair is not only suitable for the office but also good for the bedroom, library, and study room. The chair is made up of nylon fabric with a white-grey color which enhances the overall appearance of the chair and provides a classy look. The total weight of the chair is 11 kg 600 g. The ergonomic features of the chair provide unconditional support and comfort to the users. Its adjustable backrest offers proper comfort to the lower back and increases the working hours of the employees. The single lock mechanism for the backrest tilting system helps in maintaining correct posture and provides relief to the lower body as well. The 50 mm castor wheels increase functionality and mobility. The warranty for the manufacturing defect is also available. The Assembly procedure is quite simple as anybody can assemble it by following the assembly manual.

Features (Amazon Basics Cyrus Office Chair)

4. Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair

Green Soul Seoul_MB_SmartBlack
If you are looking for a comfortable and spacious seat chair with ergonomic features under 5000, the Green Soul Seoul chair suits your wish list best. This year is best for both the office and home. The rectangular shape of the chair offers comfortable and spacious seating. The fixed fiber-based armrest of the chair provides appropriate posture to the arms and helps in the blood circulation of the body. The weight of the chair is 11 kg, and it can hold a weight of around 125 kg. The inward and outward tilt mechanism through the lever and tilt the tension knob beneath the seat provide a super comfortable experience. The assembly manual is attached to the chair and it can be easily installed by anyone. In just 60 minutes it is ready to use.

Features (Green Soul Seoul Office Chair)

5. beAAtho® Florence Metal Base Mid Back Chair

beAAtho® Florence Metal Base Mid Back Chair
beAAtho Florance office chair is made up of finished polished iron material which enhances its durability with its strong and corrosion-resistant nature. It reduces the cost of maintenance and provides high quality under 5000. The best quality chairs play a significant role in the company because they describe the company’s value for the well-being and comfort of their employees. Due to its sturdy frame, it can tolerate a weight of up to 130 kg. The material of the chair has an anti rust property which provides resistance from moisture and makes the chair last longer. The tools that are required in the assembly of the chair are also attached to the assembly guide. The chair can easily be maintained as its cleaning instructions suggest wiping it with a damp cloth. The adjustable features and the cushioned seating ensure a comfortable sitting experience.

Features (beAAtho Florance Office Chair)

6. Wakefit Twister Medium Back Office Chair

wakefit twister back office chair
Wakefit office chair is a medium back chair that is suitable for office work and computer work. The chair is available in a Twister black powder-coated base which enhances its suitability for the office as it gives it an elegant look. The Powder coated base gives it a fine finish. The imported mesh at the back ensures air circulation and provides a heat and sweat-free sitting experience. It supports the long hours of seating and enhances the overall productivity of the employees in the office. Fixed armrests give comfort to the arms. The maintenance of the chair is simple as the dust can be wiped off with a clean and dry cloth. The chair can bear a weight of up to 90 kg. To enhance the overall class and seating experience invest in Wakefit Office Chair.

Features (Wakefit Twister Office Chair)

7. Green Soul Atom Office Chair

green soul atom office chair
The Green Soul Atom L-shaped chair fits best in the office due to its elegance and ergonomic features. It is available in the multi color including black green, black, black grey, and black orange. The user can choose as per their convenience and the look of the office. The iconic green soul gives a comfortable experience and excels at the daily tasks of the employees in the office. The lever system provides a good mechanism as the users can push and pull the lever to adjust the back tilt of the chair. It maintains the shape of the spine and does not harm the body structure of the employees. 50 mm Caster wheels with 360-degree swivel ensures its durability and is suitable for every kind of floor. The adjustable feature provides a different level of convenience to the users.

Features (Green Soul Atom Office Chair)

8. Green Soul Pebble Office Chair

green soul pebble office chair
Investing in the Green Soul Pebble ergonomic mid-back mesh office chair makes a significant difference in the workday life of an employee and provides benefits to the company as a whole. It is a high-quality office chair with a comfortable and spacious seat. The items that are included in the chair are as follows. The assembly instructions, chair back, chair seat, chair armrest, screws with Allen keys, wheelbase, hydraulic shaft, and bolt mechanism. These parts provide the complete structure to the chair and the economic features like lumbar support, adjustable armrest, and cushioned seating reduce this comfort and allow better focus to the work. The total weight of the chair is 12 kg and can bear a weight of up to 90 kg.

Features (Green Soul Pebble Office Chair)

9. ROSE Mono Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

ROSE Mono Mesh Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair
Rose mid-back chair is one of the best chairs under 5000 due to its ergonomic features including mono mesh mid-back. It gives physical support to the users and reduces discomfort or pain while working. It is a revolving chair that is ideally best for the office, study, computer, and work from home. It is a made-in-India product and the investment in Indian products stimulates the economic growth of the country. The black color of the chair gives it an elegant look and fits with the home and office decor easily. The provider also offers a warranty period against manufacturing defects. The assembly manual is also attached to the chair. The features like a cushioned seat, 360-degree swivel, nylon castor wheels, and adjustable height improve the quality of work and ultimately benefit the organization as a whole.

Features (Rose Midback Office Chair)

10. FUGO Nice Ergonomic Leatherette Office Chair

fugo nice office chair
Fugo Nice Chair Executive Chair is a multipurpose chair that fits for various purposes including office chair, home chair, recliner chair, study chair, computer chair, and gaming chair. The features of this chair make it unique and different from other chairs. The leatherette material gives lavish comfort. The adjustable feature of the back and armrest offers optimal support to shoulders and reduces discomfort by providing better control. The backrest can be adjusted by the till mechanism from 90 to 135 degrees and it provides the proper structure to the spine and maintains the curve of the body. The providers also offer a warranty period in which they cover the manufacturing defect and the breakages of the product. The ergonomic design with the best upholstery material including high-density form, and breathable mesh ensures that the user does not feel soreness while working for a long duration. The chair is developed and made in India which contributes to the self-reliant India.

Features (Nice Executive Office Chair)


Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic office chair is the best capital investment because it gives you various returns including the employee’s satisfaction, well-being, and productivity of the company. The features of the chair contribute to the functionality and working ability of the employees. The chair must prioritize the comfort and health of the employees as it increases the overall productivity of the organization. It gives long-term benefits to the employees and the organization. For employees, it maintains their health and prevents posture-related issues. For the company, it leads to higher output and improved quality of work.

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