The selection of the chairs is based on personal preferences, budget, body type, and intended use. The gaming chairs are designed with customizable features and ergonomic design according to the needs and suitability of the gaming chair users. The style of the chairs depends upon their use such as racing style design, chairs that support long gaming sessions, etc. A well-built gaming chair helps to maintain the correct posture and to increase the gaming experience, you should consider various factors like material, adjustability, style, size, comfort, etc. A sturdy and comfortable chair is required, to spend more time in front of the gaming screen. Here, we learn about the factors that users should consider while selecting a gaming chair. The best chairs listed under 20,000 are also discussed in this guide.

How to Select the Best Gaming Chair?

The selection of the best gaming chair is essential because it impacts the gaming experience and the long-term help of the users. Nowadays, individuals, youth, and children spend more of their time on these chairs while playing games and it affects their body posture. To maintain this cause at its best gaming chairs are required. The factors that you should consider while selecting the best gaming chair are as follows.

1. Ergonomic Design

Select the chair that supports posture, reduces the strain on the back, neck, and shoulders, and promotes a healthy sitting position for extended periods. It refers to the adjustability of the headrest, backrest, and armrest through lumbar support, 2D or 3D moving mechanism of the neck and armrest.

2. Framing Material

Select the proper framing chair that should be made of metal, wood, or any other high-quality material that provides excellent durability and longevity. The internal framing of the chair plays an important role in its durability because it ensures that the chair withstands prolonged use and remains a valuable asset over time.

3. Upholstery

While choosing the chair, check the upholstery material, it can be of leather including PU leather or real leather, a foaming base with cushioned support, etc. The breathable mesh at the back helps in air circulation and provides a sweat-free sitting experience. The well-padded supportive gaming chair reduces stress and fatigue. The thick foaming base at the sitting area encourages proper blood circulation and relaxation.

4. Tilting and Locking System

Ensure that the chair has the tilt lock mechanism and the knob system under the chair. The tilt lock mechanism helps maintain the reclining of the chair as the user can easily lock the preferred back angle of the chair. The knob system provides proper support for the feature of height adjustability.

5. Aesthetic and Style

Opt for the gaming chair that compliments your style and the gaming setup. The chairs are available in a variety of colors and styles. Choose it accordingly to match it with your room decor. The style of the chair will surely boost the confidence of the gamer and contribute to a cohesive and appealing gaming environment.

Therefore, these are the factors that impact the overall enjoyment of the players during gaming sessions. To ensure their gaming experience with health stability consider all the factors that make the chair ergonomic and suitable.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000 in India

If the chair is ergonomically designed, then it can offer a comfortable sitting position and help reduce muscle tension and physical strain. The mechanism of the gaming chairs is different from the office chairs as the gaming chair has a high backrest that supports the upper body and the shoulders of the player. It provides comfort during extended gaming sessions and helps them sit in front of the screen for long hours. The list of the best and most notable gaming chairs and the specifications that support your purchase under 20,000 are listed below.

1. Green Soul® Monster Ultimate Series

Green Soul® Monster Ultimate Series
If you are looking for a multifunctional economic gaming chair, then the Green Soul Monster Ultimate series works well with your expectations. Investing in this ergonomic and comfortable chair makes an impact on the gaming performance of gamers. Green Soul manufactures a series of gaming chairs and couldn’t stop only at Monster and Monster Pro but bring one more edition to The Monster series with Monster Ultimate ‘T’ which comes with the ultimate comfort and features. The breakable fabric gives better air circulation and reduces heat build-up. The nylon spandex fabric is more pleasant as compared to the leather chair. The frog mechanism offers great adjustability and reduces the pressure on the lower back, alleviates blood flow to the legs and feet, and ensures proper posture. Class 4 gas lift and caster wheel give maximum level of flexibility. The heavy-duty metal base provides weight support of up to 120 kg. The assembly process is also very simple and you do not require any additional tools as all the relevant tools and assembly guide come with the chair.

Features (Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Gaming Chair)

2. BAYBEE Fabric Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

BAYBEE Fabric Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Baybee Fabric Drogo is a multipurpose ergonomic gaming chair that offers super luxurious comfort to users with its elegant features. The USB cable massager at the back provides ultra comfort and reduces back pain. The vintage leather style of the chair fits with every interior and matches all the locations. The winged back provides full coverage to the body and saves your spine and lumbar with massage support. The side wing frame has been thinned and contains more soft filing that provides multi-point body contact. The fabric has excellent durability and the removable lumbar pillow and neck pillow with massager drive away the tiredness. The adjustable honest with rotating feature provides comfort to the shoulder, arms, and wrist. The Drogo base of this chair is highly resistant and supports up to 110 kg. Upgraded LANT gas cylinder and mechanism ensure the use age of the chair. This chair is suitable for both the gamers and the office workers.

Features (Baybee Drogo Gaming Chair)

3. Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair
The Green Soul gaming chair with a butterfly mechanism and an S-shaped structure provides a luxurious feel and super comfort to gamers. Many people don’t understand the importance of ergonomic design but it is the key when you are looking for a comfortable chair. Ergonomic features include cushioned seating, pillow support to the back and neck, and much more that reduces head and back pain, which can be an excruciating and long-term issue. It provides support to the hips and helps to relieve pressure which maintains the sitting posture and offers convenience to the extended sittings. The S-shaped design of the back provides proper posture to the spine. The tiltable design of this Green Soul gaming chair meets the work and rest needs of the users at the same time. The angle adjustment, height adjustment, and reclining features make it a perfect chair for gaming and office. After all these, the 4-way adjustable armrest works as a cheer on the cake. The color combination of the chair fits well with your aesthetics.

Features (Green Soul Vision Gaming Chair)

4. Kepler Brooks Italia Pro Gaming Chair

Kepler Brooks Italia Pro Gaming Chair
If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient, and classy gaming chair then the ergonomic and health-positive designs of Kelper Brooks will make a significant difference. This chair can be used in offices and by anyone looking for a gaming chair. This year creates a sleek appearance and features a natural matte sheen with its soft touch breathable high-grade PU leather upholstery. The latex form is long-lasting and gives a cooler and comfortable essence to the head, back, legs, and arms. The multi-lock synchro mechanism enables the chair to be locked at any angle between 90 to 135 degrees. The users can adjust it according to their convenience which gives them maximum comfort during working or playing. The aluminum alloy base makes the chair classy and premium, besides that it provides strength and durability. The thicker and stronger caster wheel ensures frictionless movement. A hide-away footrest that folds away easily when not in use gives proper comfort to the legs. So, this chair gives comfortable sitting for prolonged working and gaming hours.

Features (Kepler Brooks Italia Pro Gaming Chair)

5. Green Soul Xtreme Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Green Soul Xtreme Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The chair that can provide unparalleled comfort and personalized options to enhance the gaming experience of gamers is none other than the Green Soul Xtreme Gaming Chair. The S-shaped design maintains the natural curve of the spine and reduces strain and discomfort. The multi-tilt mechanism offers perfect position and angle movement including up-down and front-back lumbar support and seat height adjustment. BIFMA-certified class 4 glass lift and heavy-duty metal base enhance its durability and flexibility. Super ergonomic features provide comfort during extended gaming sessions. The weight capacity of the chair is around 135 kg and the materials used in the construction of the chair are of high quality and can withstand daily wear and tear. 60mm PU dual castor wheels ensure maximum stability and durability. The assembly of the chair is also very easy and you do not need any additional tool for its assembly as all the hardware and necessary tools come with it.

Features (Green Soul Xtreme Gaming Chair)

6. Dowinx ‎LS-6658 Gaming Chair

Dowinx ‎LS-6658 Gaming Chair
Dowinx Gaming Chair is one of the best chairs that fits every physique and gives comfort like a sofa with its ergonomic seating facilities. The seat cushion is composed of pocket springs that distribute the pressure on the seat cushion for better ride comfort. Highly breathable fabric is good for heat dissipation. The fabric resilience is better which offers a comfy feel even in hot summer and will improve the work efficiency. The height and back cushioned support of the chair allow your lower back to be straightened and naturally reduce the strain on the lower back. The backrest with a steel plate can withstand more than 200 lbs of impact. In all this, the fixing screws are distributed in a triangle, which improves the stability of the backrest. So, the reclining function, footrest facility, waist cushion with massage, and movable headrest enhance the gaming experience of the gamers and provide relief during extended sittings.

Features (Dowinx LS-6658 Gaming Chair)

7. Dowinx Vintage Style PU Leather Gaming Chair

Dowinx Gaming Office PC Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair provides healthy sitting posture to its customers with its ergonomic features and premium design. If you are looking for a multi-tasking chair then this chair completes your desire. Economic features include extra thick and high-density foam padding on the sitting area which provides comfortable sitting and will not lose its shape for several years. The massage function with the lumbar pillow and extra widened wing-shaped backrest can effectively support the lumbar spine of the users and maintain posture. The new act-in-chain armrest provides personalized support to the elbow and wrist. The multifunctional tilt base adapts effortlessly to the user’s needs whether it is height adjusting or rocking switching. The robust grid structure can support a weight of up to 120 kg. The adjustability features of the backrest, armrest, and headrest provide a luxurious feel and enhance the performance of the gamers. The upholstery fabric of the chair balances the breathability and durability. The assembly manual is included in the package. To enhance the shopping experience of their customers they provide 24/7 customer support.

Features (Dowinx Gaming Chair)

8. Dr luxur Weavemonster Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Dr luxur Weavemonster Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Dr Luxur creates designs that stand out from the world of mass-produced ergonomic chairs and support long working or gaming hours. The backrest and seat cushion of the chair are made up of high-density molded memory foam and personalized breathable woven fabric that provides ultra comfort to the user, maintains the structure of the spine, and reduces back pain. The unique adjustability recliner and large angle tilt function allow the user to enjoy gaming time, working time, movie time, and rest time. The angle can be shifted from 90 to 180. The aesthetic gray color gives a classy look and fits with every interior. The unique feature of the pluck and fix-neck pillow makes it different from the other chairs. The base of the chair can support a weight of up to 165 kg. The molded cushioning and added side wings will provide a more relaxed and pain-free experience throughout the day. So, without giving a second thought you can invest in this unique chair and can get all the comfort within the range.

Features (Dr Luxur Weavemonster Gaming Chair)

9. CELLBELL ® GC03 Transformer Series Gaming Chair

CELLBELL ® GC03 Transformer Series Gaming Chair
CellBell GC03 is one of the best chairs for gamers because its ergonomic features and large seating area give the best-gamified experience for intense gaming sessions. The cushioned back style offers lavish comfort to the users. The chair is made up of highly durable PU leather along with the removable headrest and high backrest ensures proper alignment and support to the back and neck. The hydraulic system provides a desired height adjustment facility which reduces stress and increases the overall performance of the gamers. The strong and sturdy metal base makes it durable and high-quality coaster wheels ensure its smooth performance on the floor. After all these features, the button adjustable padded armrest makes it super comfortable and best. The maximum weight capacity of the chair is around 125 kg. To get the best gaming experience, investment in this chair gives value for money.

Features (CellBell GC03 Gaming Chair)

10.  Furmax Leather Gaming Chair

Furmax Leather Gaming Chair
If you are looking for a leatherette high-back ergonomic adjustable racing chair then Furmax office and gaming desk chair is best for you. The features include a high back, bucket seat, padded armrest, 360-degree swivel, padded seat, etc., which gives maximum relief and reduces joint pain and discomfort. The economic design provides relaxation during busy working hours and contributes to productivity. The high-quality leather and mesh design provides durability and breathability to prevent sweat and heat. The assembly manual and tools with a step-by-step installation guide are attached to it. The base and structure of the chair enhance the functionality and provide appropriate support.

Features (Furmax T-OCRC Gaming Chair)

11. INNOWIN Henry High Back Chair

INNOWIN Henry High Back Chair
If you want a high-back ergonomic chair that provides comfortable sitting for extended working and gaming hours, then this Innowin Henry Chair is best. The ergonomic features include breathable mesh, lumbar support, and a 45-density molded seat that provides ultra comfort while working or in gaming sessions. The lock mechanism helps to lock the chair in multiple positions to give maximum comfort. 60mm nylon castor wheels are extremely durable and provide movement across a floor or other hard surfaces. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a chair to perform desk work, computer work, office work, and gaming sessions. The breathable mesh maintains air circulation and prevents heat and sweat while sitting for long hours. The assembly procedure is very simple and anyone can assemble it with the help of an assembly manual which is attached to the chair. So, it is a multipurpose chair that fits well with every interior and enhances the overall aesthetics.

Features (Innowin Henry Chair)


Chairs play an important role in our day-to-day life. It serves a variety of purposes in our daily lives. Places like offices, homes, gaming zones, etc., are dependent on the chairs as they provide comfort, support, and style, to the users. While choosing the gaming chair you should take care of various things including the ergonomic design, upholstery, framing material, tilting and locking mechanism, and aesthetic and style. These points impact the overall enjoyment of the players during the gaming sessions. So, to get a healthy gaming experience, invest accordingly after researching the facts and figures of the chair. A chair that can prevent back strain, fatigue, and discomfort for extended periods is best.

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